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Quick Looting & Container Position Saving

Created by Uman. on 26 Oct 2017, 10:00

This year's winter update includes some brand new features for the Tibia 11 client.

Let us start with the Quick Looting feature.

The quick looting feature allows you to set up a customisable inventory structure, which is going to help you to automatically sort your loot during your hunting sessions.

Furthermore, the quick looting feature modernises the existing looting process and allows faster and more effective looting.

Besides the actual quick looting mechanism, we have implemented a possibility to manage your loot containers which can be accessed via the Cyclopedia, a configurable hotkey or the context menu of a container.

In there, you can select a loot container of your choice and assign it to different categories like default, gold, creature products, rings or weapons. You can also assign multiple categories to the same loot container.

The selected loot containers receive a small icon on their bottom right side, which will display the assigned categories if you hover your mouse over it.

Once you have set up your loot containers, all items that you loot via the quick loot feature are going to be automatically sorted into these loot containers. Items that belong to unassigned categories are going to be sent to the default container.

There are two different types of Quick Looting:

The Loot All function allows you to move the entire loot from a monster corpse into your own inventory with a single left click on the corpse. The second possibility is to Loot Click within a monster body. In this case, a specific item is moved from the monster corpse into your own inventory by a single left click on the designated item.

Container Position Saving

The client is now able to remember the position of your opened backpacks and windows in the sidebars. If you log out or close the client and log in again, all of your opened sidebar windows are going to be restored to the same position and size.

Please keep in mind that if you log in from another computer with different sidebar settings, lower display resolution etc. the position and number of opened windows might vary.

We have prepared a small FAQ to provide you with additional information concerning those two new features.


What happens if my assigned loot container is full and I continue quick looting?

If your assigned loot container is full, a warning message will appear and further items will be looted into the default backpack.

In case your default backpack is not your equipped backpack, you can also enable the option "Use main backpack as fallback". This allows you to continue looting until every free spot in your inventory is filled even if both your loot and your default container are already full.

I use the Left Smart-Click mouse preset, how can I quick loot?

If you want to use the Left Smart-Click mouse preset, you will have to press ALT + Left Smart-Click to quick loot.

Can I use this feature to quick loot the bodies of other players?

No, the quick looting feature only works on items within a monster's body.

I am a free account player, what part of the features can I use?

Free account players can use the default backpack and the loot all feature. The different categories can be set up by free account player but are only usable if you have a premium account.

What happened to the black-&whitelists from the dev note?

Due to a very tight schedule, those lists were unfortunately out of scope.

Last but not least, please keep in mind that you will have to reconfigure the filters of your Battle List and Spell List onetime after the release of the winter update. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable side effect of the Container Position Saving feature.

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