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Game World Merge Announcement

Created by Ice Crambler. Translated by Uman. on 19 Mar 2018, 10:00

Tibians, it is time for server merges!

On April 19, 2018 the following game worlds will be merged:





... will be merged into the newly created world Bona.



... will be merged into the newly created world Epoca.




... will be merged into the newly created world Monza.




... will be merged into the newly created world Firmera.




... will be merged into the newly created world Gladera.




... will be merged into the newly created world Lobera.



... will be merged into the newly created world Nefera.




... will be merged into the newly created world Solidera.




... will be merged into the newly created world Talera.




... will be merged into the newly created world Wintera.

All newly created worlds will be shielded by BattlEye.

If you have a character on one of the aforementioned game worlds or simply want to know more about what to expect in case of a merger, please check the additional information we have provided in the Auditorium.

What does the upcoming merger mean for the affected game worlds?

  • As of now, renting houses is blocked on these worlds to ensure that all houses are vacant when the merger takes place. The rental period of all houses that are currently rented out will be extended free of charge until one day before the merger takes place. All houses will be vacated then and any items left in your old house will be moved automatically to your depot's inbox.

  • All house auctions will expire on these worlds and no new auctions will start. Any money reserved for a house auction will be refunded. Also, house transfers are no longer possible.

  • It is not possible anymore to transfer a character onto these worlds. Already paid but not yet completed transfers onto these worlds will be reversed. This means, characters scheduled for a transfer will be moved back/remain on their home world and affected players have received a voucher for a free character world transfer. Transfers that have not been paid yet will be cancelled.

  • All players who transferred a character from one of these worlds to another one of these worlds in the past, have received a special voucher for a free character world transfer for the character in question. This voucher makes it possible to move a character to another world even if the character was already transferred once within the last six months.

  • Buy and sell offers in the Markets of these worlds will be transferred into the Market of the new game world so you do not have to cancel them. Keep in mind, though, that average prices on the new world may differ from those on your current world.

  • If one of these worlds has already succeeded in building the bridge or destroying the wall in Roshamuul, these accomplishments will be transferred to the new game world. Otherwise, the status of Roshamuul will be completely reset and players have to start working towards these changes from scratch.

  • Characters will keep their names, stats, belongings and quest flags. Guilds will be preserved so they will also exist on the new game world.

    The default residence of all characters with a vocation will be Thais on the new game world. Therefore, they will spawn in the temple of Thais upon their first login after the merger. Nothing will change for characters on Rookgaard.

  • The server location (Europe, North America) and the game world type (e.g. Open PvP) of the merged game worlds will not be changed.

  • In addition, the newly created worlds will be shielded by BattlEye. Therefore, having BattlEye activated will be mandatory to play on these worlds. If BattlEye detects a cheating program or a manipulated client, you will not be able to play there. Please also keep in mind that you will no longer be able to use the Flash client on these worlds.

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