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19° Anniversary of Tibia

Created by Fafnar. on 07 Jan 2016, 12:37

Today Tibia Turn 19!

Let's congratulate all the team of Cipsoft for their 19° Anniversary! and as they said congratulate to all those players by being with them all these years and reach this milestone together.

How fast has the time passed, dont you think?

How many histories and experiences do you have! in this game?.

In the course of the week, and special edition of TIBia TABloids will be published!

and to start the celebration... Get ready! a Double experience and skill will start this weekend!

Happy Birthday to everyone!

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EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 08 Jan 2016, 09:30


By EturnaLL Me on 08 Jan 2016, 09:32

How many more years till hardcore retro servers u guys think.?...

Happy Birthday Tibia. X.x

By Eric on 08 Jan 2016, 15:20

Haha who knows...

By Zathroth on 08 Jan 2016, 17:42

I just can't wait for the 20th Anniversary!...what Cip will do???. I just hope for an epic event xD

By Uman on 09 Jan 2016, 16:32

I think there will be no retro servers because it is too much time consuming. Development two differernt servers in same time it is bad company decision.

By EturnaLL Me on 11 Jan 2016, 19:01

@Uman. Its true its time consuming, but I believe they opened that can of worms already with multiple systems and servers. And if they have any chance of saving the declining number of players, it'll require more then addons and mounts on their behalf.

By Uman on 12 Jan 2016, 19:20

They have differernt systems that is correct, but "retro servers" means also no hotkeys, no new content, no new spells etc. This is much consuming. When you balance the game, you then have to take into consideration both "servers" and not one. That is why it is much more wiser to take just one road instead of two.


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