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Fixes and Changes

by on 12 Sep 2017, 10:00 , 0 users liked this news

With today's server save we have released new versions of our Tibia clients. Among others, we have fixed the following issues:

  • If you remove the assigned key or key combination from a hotkey entry, you will no longer lose the whole entry at this instant. Unassigned entries will only be deleted when you click the "Ok" or the "Apply" button in the hotkey dialog.

  • An issue that caused the replacement of hotkey presets under certain circumstances has been fixed.

  • The prey window is now restored to its previous size when you restart your client.

  • Spells that are assigned to an action button are no longer sent to private chat channels.

  • The Cyclopedia now lists the correct "Sell to" and "Buy From" NPCs.

  • The epiphany imbuement (magic level) can no longer be added to Royal Helmet An excellent masterpiece of a smith. Defence: 9 Weight: 48.00 oz. Imbuements Slots: 2 Created in patch: < 6.0 royal helmets since it is intended for druid and sorcerer exclusive headgear.

  • Summons can no longer participate in the fights against Tarbaz 295000 hp 80000 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Sounds: Loser. Give up! Neutral: Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 10.90 Attack type: Close Push objects Walks on fields: energy,fire,poison Tarbaz and Dragonking Zyrtarch 0 hp 0 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Sounds: Feel my wrath, infidels! Neutral: Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 11.02 (Winter Update 2016) Attack type: Close Dragonking Zyrtarch .

  • Some minor map and NPC issues as well as typos have been fixed. Also, we addressed an issue with a few corners in several houses in Ab'Dendriel that prevented house owners from rolling out carpets there.

  • New monsters from this year's summer update have been added to the creature library.

If your client does not receive updates automatically, make sure to download the latest version of your client in our download section.

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