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Merge of Special Game Worlds

Created by Uman. on 11 Sep 2017, 10:00

Tibians, as you know, we try to address shifts of player population by merging low populated worlds together.

However, some of the game worlds with the lowest population numbers have not been merged so far since there were no adequate merge partners for these worlds:

  • Aurora and Aurera (preview worlds)

  • Calva and Calvera ("free-to-move" worlds)

  • Inferna and Dolera (Hardcore PvP worlds)

The communities of these worlds have been shrinking for years now. They have reached such a low number that we can no longer postpone action. After careful consideration, we have decided to merge them in the following way on October 11, 2017, at the earliest:

  • Regardless of their differing PvP types, Calva, Inferna and Aurora will be merged into the newly created world Zuna. This world will be Open PvP.

  • Likewise, Calvera, Dolera and Aurera will be merged into the newly created world Zunera. This world will be Open PvP.

  • Zuna and Zunera will receive the label experimental. This means that we may conduct occasional technical tests and experiments on these worlds but there will be no preview phases anymore.

  • After the merger, it will be possible to move characters from any game world type to Zuna and Zunera. Please note, though, that transferring characters away from Zuna and Zunera will be impossible!

  • Please also check the additional information we have provided in the Auditorium.

With all six game worlds, we tried to do something new back when we launched them. However, not every endeavour turns out a success in the long run. We fully understand that this solution may be a bitter pill to swallow if you are affected by this merger. We sincerely apologise for having to put you into the situation of being merged with game worlds that are different from your world's setting and PvP type.

Additional information about the merger

  • As of today, renting houses will be blocked on these worlds to ensure that all houses are vacant when the merger takes place. The rental period of all houses that are currently rented out will be extended free of charge until one day before the merger takes place. All houses will be vacated then and any items left in your old house will be moved automatically to your depot's inbox.

  • All house auctions will expire on these worlds and no new auctions will start. Any money reserved for a house auction will be refunded. Also, house transfers are no longer possible.

  • It is not possible anymore to transfer a character onto any of these worlds. Already paid but not yet completed transfers onto these worlds will be reversed. This means, characters scheduled for a transfer will be moved back/remain on their home world and affected players have received a voucher for a free character world transfer. Transfers that have not been paid yet will be cancelled.

  • All players who transferred a character from one of these worlds to another one of these worlds in the past, have received a special voucher for a free character world transfer for the character in question. This voucher makes it possible to move a character to another world even if the character was already transferred once within the last six months.

  • Buy and sell offers in the Markets of these worlds will be transferred into the Market of the new game world so you do not have to cancel them. Keep in mind, though, that average prices on the new world may differ from those on your current world.

  • If one of these worlds has already succeeded in building the bridge or destroying the wall in Roshamuul, these accomplishments will be transferred to the new game world. Otherwise, the status of Roshamuul will be completely reset and players have to start working towards these changes from scratch.

  • Characters will keep their names, stats, belongings and quest flags. Guilds will be preserved so they will also exist on the new game world.

  • The default residence of all characters with a vocation will be Thais on the new game world. Therefore, they will spawn in the temple of Thais upon their first login after the merger. Nothing will change for characters on Rookgaard or Dawnport.

  • The server location (Europe, North America) of the affected worlds will not be changed.

  • At the moment, there are no plans to activate BattlEye on the experimental game worlds Zuna and Zunera. Thus, these worlds may be an option for players who reported that they experience technical issues with BattlEye.

Why do we merge worlds that feature different settings and PvP types?

A few years ago, we did not consider it a suitable solution to merge regular Hardcore PvP worlds with free-to-move worlds or any other more restricted PvP worlds for that matter. However, population numbers on these worlds have been dwindling considerably for years now. Especially with the launch of Retro Hardcore PvP a few weeks ago, it has become clear that the game world type of regular Hardcore PvP does not have a promising future anymore. Likewise, the concept of preview worlds has not stood the test of time. We did not manage to produce enough engaging previews to keep these worlds interesting over time. The whole preview process turned out to be far more time-consuming and complex than we had anticipated and the results were not as informative and conclusive as we had hoped. As for Calva and Calvera, these worlds never really gained momentum. Nevertheless, we need a place for characters on these game worlds, we did not simply want to delete them together with their home worlds. That's why we decided to merge these world together instead.

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