Another 14 Worlds Shielded by BattlEye

Created by Uman. on 05 Sep 2017, 08:00 , 1 users liked this news

Tibians! A whole bunch of game worlds will be actively shielded by BattlEye with today's server save:

  • Bellona

  • Candia

  • Celesta

  • Fidera

  • Harmonia

  • Luminera

  • Magera

  • Menera

  • Nerana

  • Nika

  • Olympa

  • Premia

  • Secura

  • Tavara

Therefore, having BattlEye activated will be mandatory to play on these worlds.

If BattlEye detects a cheating program or a manipulated client, you will not be able to play there.

Please also keep in mind that you will no longer be able to use the Flash client on these worlds.

By Uman on 05 Sep 2017, 08:24 - 11.46

Finally Olympa shielded by BattlEye, we will see how things will work out there now. I assume much more free hunting grounds for me & my druid :) Awesome news!



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