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Development Note About Monster Cyclopedia

Created by Uman. on 29 Aug 2017, 15:00

Last week, we asked you about your opinion concerning the implementation of Monster Shards. We have gathered and carefully evaluated the feedback we had received in the dev note.

While most of you were interested in the general idea of collecting information about monsters, there were certain points that have been subject of your criticism.

Therefore, we have decided to recede from the proposal of temporary bonus effects and reworked the shard mechanism as well.

That is how the idea of the Monster Cyclopedia began to form: To unlock a monster entry, a certain number of corresponding monster kills is necessary. Those kills are character based and can neither be traded via the Market nor bought in the Store. Complete enough monster entries to activate various offensive, defensive and passive bonuses for your character.

We would like to invite you to read through the revised version of our concept and to share your thoughts about the Monster Cyclopedia with us. The dev note is running until September 04, 10:00 CEST.

We want to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts about the Monster Cyclopedia and provide us with valuable feedback on that topic.

The Monster Cyclopedia is part of the general Cyclopedia. It is divided in two sections: "Monster Races and Classes" and "Bonus Effects".

Monster Races and Classes:

In here, you will find your monster entries. The Monster Cyclopedia contains different monster classes, which in turn contain different monster races.

The first kill unlocks the basic entry of the corresponding monster race, which contains the ingame sprite of the monster as well as a lore description similar or identical to the entries in our creature library.

After you have killed another 9 monsters of the same race, you will unlock the first set of details, which will provide you with general information like HP, XP, Speed, Armour and if the monster is a distance fighter or not.

If you are able to kill another 90 of those monsters, you will unlock the second set. Now you are able to look up the monster's resistances as well as a list of areas where you can usually find it in Tibia.

Once you have killed a total of 250 of their kind, you will unlock set three, which will provide you with information concerning the monster's loot.

Proposal A: Loot is categorized in "Common", Semi-Rare", "Rare" and "Very Rare".

E.g. "Common: One or more hams"

Proposal B: Loot is categorized in four different drop chances: ">=25%", "

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