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Redesign of Cities & new Tibia Map

Created by Uman. on 07 Sep 2017, 09:20

It is very busy year here at Tibia Royal, we try to create and make our pages better then they were! Due that we always look for new possibilities of presenting information to you. This time we have for you to offer two revamps. They were online already some time but in a test phase. From now they are officially released.

Cities layout

It was a big deal for us, took us a lot of time to get to perfect way of presenting information about cities. As far we already have our sketch and layout more and more information will be build into that pages in future. As soon as we will develop and release Events, World Quests/Changes & Hunting grounds we will step by step add this information as well to our cities pages. At this moment we offer you a information about the structure & utilities of city. In addition you will get there all information about quests and NPC's. Users are able to start their own conversation about the cities due our comment system. In addition we are showing you houses, and their status if a world is selected.

Ah, yes! The new way for our users to select worlds, at the very moment it will be helpful only with cities & houses, but we want to improve it and add more possibilities with it. So that when you browser Tibia Royal you get information regarding your own home world! Like for example statistics of killed monsters in your world etc. We will inform you as soon as we will implement new things to our site! You can change the world at navigation panel.

Interactive Tibia Map

It is our third revamp of this tool! We found it necessary due fact many facts. One of, the old tool was really hard-to-update. We had to compile the images with our in-house-tool out of *.map files. Then with a special tool we was cutting them on 256x256 tiles with 6 different zooms. After it we had to upload this all on server, the whole process was really resources intensive that is why we decided to change it.

The library of old tool was as well very overpower, due that it was hard to develop new things. With new library we are on very good way to add new features in just about few hours, not like before in few days.

Few changes that will be deprecated from old mapper are:

  • Drawing Lines

  • Drawing Points - we will have instead of that markers

  • Drawing Polygons

  • Position of items

New features of Tibia Map are:

  • Ability to add marker with text

  • Check exactly position of a tile, with coordination from Tibia

  • View all NPC's on map

  • View monsters on map (they are being add as we speak)

  • Ability to use bbcode with map set to specific NPC position - [/mapper_npc=(id)]

We do hope you enjoy the changes we did! If you find any bugs or you would like to give us feedback be free to do it with our comment system below!

Tibia Royal Team

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EviL ViBes
By EviL ViBes on 07 Sep 2017, 13:11 - 11.46

The new map system is awesome.

By Uman on 07 Sep 2017, 13:20 - 11.46

It will be yet expanded, soon information about houses will be included to map.


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