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A tour in Ab'Dendriel

Created by Wolfy Silverpaw. on 01 Oct 2016, 00:00

A tour in Ab'Dendriel

Elves, houses built inside trees, close to water and a luxuriant vegetation.. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Well, not deep down under this paradise undead monsters lurking for adventures who lost their way.Facts about Ab'Dendriel The name is a version of the ancient word "déndron", which means "tree". The elves, or tree-singers are some calling them, are living here in peace. The village offers both maller houses but also a lot of shops, usually you can get them relatively cheap due to the low population of players in Ab'Dendriel. This village was implented back in 10th of june, 2001 (Version 6.2). The mastermind behind Ab'Dendriel was Knightmare, same person who gave us Serpentine Tower. In Ab'Dendriel you are able to rent one of the 72 houses that can be found in total, from 9 sqm up to 43 sqm. Unless you are interesting in making Ab'Dendriel to your guilds new residence, then the village and offers you 4 different guildhalls inside or nearby the village, all 4 has minimum 300 sqm to dance around in! If you are consider beer or wine to be the kind of your entertainment or passion I would strongly advice you to never visit Ab'Dendriel. The elves doesn't drink, so you are not able to purchase any stronger beverages within the walls of Ab'Dendriel. My personal guess is that it's also the reason for that you find more corpses in Thais or Venore, compared to Ab'Dendriel..

It would be suiting to show the most, atleast according to my personal opinion, annoying thing first in whole Ab'Dendriel; Ashar'Tel! It's the enormous tree in the center of Ab'Dendriel's maze, where you are able to get your citizenship to the village. According to one of many stories that the NPC Lavirias can tell you, we have Ashar'Tel. The legend he's sharing is that the tree offers visions for each visitor; Humans can see an avatar of their god Crunor, meanwhile a underachieving dwarf will see only firewood.. If you would like to hear more from Lavirias I can highly recommend you to pay him a visit in Ab'Dendriel! Anyway, here's the entrance to the maze.. Be prepared to spend a while to find the right path to the middle.

I actually got company, one adventure forgot his machete..

Reached the middle, to the south you can see the portal which provides you citizenship to Ab'Dendriel and to the north you can spot Ashar'Tel, the legendary tree.

So is this all? A big tree, some tree-singers and some scary myth about Hellgate? Well, I would say that the enviroment offers you peace in combination with adventures. You can find also find things that belongs to the old days and the myths of the old days. One perfect example of that; Sweaty Cyclops! This giant is the armorer of Ab'Dendriel, and he's known as "Big Ben" to humans, "Bencthyclthrtrprr" among cyclopes and the reason for that you can find him among the trees in Ab'Dendriel are simply that his parents lived in Ab'Dendriel long long before the elves settled down in the village. In need of a smith? Then Smitty Cyclo.. I mean Sweaty Cyclops are the guy you go to!

On the path up to this giant you might recognize a precious piece of sword, laying safely locked in on the top of a stone.. The fact that it was placed just below Sweaty Cyclops started a rumour for many years ago. The myth said that if you turned in a thousand of piece of irons the giant would be able to forge you the warlord sword.. The amount of players who tried to do this is of course unknown, but we all know that players did try it and during a time where you couldn't stack the items in your backpack we all can understand how much time that would steal from these players.. However! You can visit Sweaty Cyclops and talk to him about the warlord sword. He will ask you if you wish to make a trade for the warlord sword, and if you say yes he will simply reply "You not have stuff me want for.".. So, the mystery ain't solved yet! Let's move on.. But the theme will still be pretty much the same: unsolved! In the northern part of the village, just to the south from the fruit shop (delicious strawberries and the milk: OH!) you might spot a loose stone pile. Use your shovel, and crawl down into the hole and you will end up in a very mysterious room.. But no door to enter it, ugh.. Well, if you try to lit the two torches on the wall the wall will open up, and you are now in the start of the Opticording Sphere Quest.. Another (so far) unsolved quest, which starts in this peaceful village. It might be worth a visit, especially if you are into these kind of adventures!

During the time where we didn't had any offline training Ab'Dendriel were actually used for training a lot as well. Just to the south-east from depot you will find a fence, and inside here you can fish some and also get a few monsters hitting on you. Since this was a perfect combination for skilling back in the days people were spending hours, days and even weeks inside "Bug pen" as it were called due to the spawn of bugs inside. If all the bugs were taken by other training players you could always run to the sewers below the post office and rope yourself up a few rats, and lure them into bug pen. And then, you just stood there.. Skilling, skilling, and fishing.. I have to say that it is extremely empty here these day tho..

I just stumbled over a letter that a friend of mine sent.. There will be a party in the fruit shop later tonight, and since I just saw the invitation I better round this up and hurry over there.. It's a buffet, and I can't miss all these delicious fruits. Sure, it's hard to beat the happy hours at Frodo's in Thais but atleast my head won't hurt tomorrow and I can hopefully go for a hunt without suffering from the half-brewed beer passing by in my system..

So, welcome to Ab'Dendriel! -- Wolfy Silverpaw

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