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Bugfixes and Changes

by on 22 Aug 2017, 12:00 , 1 users liked this news

With today's server save we have fixed the following:

  • Guild leaders can now use "Create Board" again to create a new entry in the "Guild Board" section.

  • It is no longer possible to spawn more than one of the new summons at the same time.

  • The "Verdant Table" is now displayed in the Store section as well.

  • Several levers in different quests have been revised and should now work properly again.

  • An issue preventing some players to enter the fire portal of the Forgotten Knowledge questline has been fixed as well.

  • We have reduced the output damage in PvP situations of all new summons that were introduced with this year's summer update by 50%. This does not apply to black skulled players, though. Black skulled players will still receive 100% damage from all summons.

  • Retro Hardcore PvP: We have reduced the protection percentage of each blessing to reach the desired effect that if you die fully blessed with all 7 blessings there, you will lose just about as much as you would lose with 5 blessings on a regular game world. Please keep in mind that the percentage information displayed in the blessing window shows only rounded numbers.

Due to these changes and fixes, we have released new versions of our Tibia clients. If your client does not receive updates automatically, make sure to download the latest version of your client in our download section.

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