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Dev Note About Monster Shards

Created by Uman. on 18 Aug 2017, 10:00

Dear Tibians,

we have elaborated another design concept for a potential winter update feature. We are planning to add information about monsters to the Cyclopedia.

In order to unlock monster details and stats you will need monster shards. You will gather those shards during your hunting sessions or via shard packs in the Store. There are three different kinds of shards which can be used to complete your monster collection. Once you have completely unlocked a monster entry you can use additional shards to gain temporary advantages over these creature or exchange them for other monster shards.

We would like to give you a first impression on our thoughts and ideas and want to know what you are thinking about our monster shard idea. After you have read the design, please answer the questions at the end of the dev note. The dev note will run until Thursday, August 24, 10:00 CEST, afterwards the commentary section will be closed.

Additional information

This dev note is meant to provide you with a first impression of our design concept. We want to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns about the implementation of monster shards and provide us with valuable feedback on that topic.

Monster shards come with three different degrees of rarity. Common, rare and epic.

Common shards can be obtained from monsters. Each monster race will drop its corresponding shard, e.g. a dragon can drop a dragon shard. These shards can be used to unlock the corresponding monster entry in the Cyclopedia, e.g. a dragon shard can be used for the dragon entry and raise its shard count by 1.

Rare and epic may be obtained through various ways, e.g. via the daily reward system, through boss fights or rare drops. A rare shard may be used for each monster within a specific monster class, for example, dragons, dragon lords and dragon hatchlings would most likely share the same monster class.

Using a rare shard increases the shard count of the selected monster in your collection by 5. An epic shard can be used for every monster in your collection, regardless its race or class. Once used, the shard count of the monster of your choice will be increased by 10.

A monster shard obtained through playing is an item. These shards behave like normal items, which means that you can trade them on the Market, place them on the floor or throw them in the water etc. If you "use" a shard, it disappears from your inventory and will be added to your shard collection in the Cyclopedia.

Gather enough shards and use them to unlock and complete a monster entry in your collection. Once an entry has been completed, you can now use shards to gain temporary advantages over the corresponding monster. Those advantages are similar and additive to the prey system bonuses.

You can also trade in shards to obtain randomly selected new shards in return. There will be fixed exchange rates, e.g. 100 common shards can be exchanged for 1 rare shard. However, those rates are yet to be finally decided.

Besides the possibility to obtain shards through playing, it is also possible to purchase different shard packs via the Store. These packs will include randomly selected shards with various degrees of rarity. Those shards are directly added to your collection and therefore, cannot be traded via the Market.

If you want to, you can show your collection to other players.


  • What do you think about the general idea of monster shards in Tibia? What do you like about the idea and what do you dislike?

  • Can you imagine yourself completing your collection or would you only unlock and complete certain entries to optimise your daily hunting routine?

  • Would the implementation of such a feature enrich your Tibian life or would you rather see it as a chore?

  • Besides or instead of the temporary boosts known from the Prey system, do you have any suggestions for further temporary benefits?

  • Take a look at a creature entry in our library. Would the information provided there be sufficient for the monster entry in the Cyclopedia?

  • Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with this design idea set as presented on a scale from 1 (not satisfied at all) to 5 (extremely satisfied).

  • Do you have any suggestions or concerns you would like to share concerning the overall idea?

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