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Dev Note About Quick Looting

Created by Uman. on 10 Aug 2017, 16:00

Fellow Tibians,

since the summer update has been released, it is now time to focus on features for the winter update and we would like to give a first insight on what we are planning to implement with our next big update.

When we presented our new analytics features for this year's summer update, there were already many comments, which stated concerns and suggestions for improvement regarding our current looting system. We have taken the subject matter into consideration and worked out an initial draft to modernise the whole looting process and make it more enjoyable.

Basically, Quick Looting will allow a customisable predefined inventory structure in order to sort the loot during your hunting session, and will lower the amount of time needed to drag and drop each and every item from a corpse to your inventory.

Since we are aware that such a feature needs to be carefully evaluated, we want to give you the opportunity to take a look at what we have in mind so far and to contribute your thoughts about it in the comment section.

You can find all the necessary information in the Auditorium. We kindly ask you to answer the set of questions at the end of the dev note until August 17, 10:00 CEST and therefore help us to evaluate our next steps.

From forum post

This dev note is meant to provide you with a first impression of our design concept. We want to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns about the Quick Looting mechanism and provide us with valuable feedback on that topic.

For the sake of structure and clarity, we have divided the process of Quick Looting in thematic areas, which may include different implementation proposals.

Please read through the whole dev note and try to give feedback by answering the questions provided at the end of the note.

Thanks in advance for your participation and now let us get started:

Choose your loot container:

Part A: You are able to select a default loot container in your inventory (e.g. a zaoan chess box within your equipped backpack). Every item that is looted via Quick Looting is going to be sent to this specific loot container.

If there is, for example, a green backpack placed inside the zaoan chess box, the green backpack and all the other recursive containers within the chess box will be used to store the loot once there is no space left in the zaoan chess box itself.

Part B: In addition to Part A, premium players are able to define a specific loot container for each category listed in the Cyclopedia. If a monster now drops steel boots and a silver amulet, and you loot both from its corpse via Quick Looting, the steel boots will be sent straight to the "Boots"-loot container, while the silver amulet is sent to the Amulets-loot container, for example.

The above-mentioned example using recursive containers for extra space will apply to those category-loot containers as well.

What happens if the loot container is full?

Proposal A: If the loot container and all the recursive containers are full, the overlying container, in our example the equipped backpack, is used to store your looted items. You will receive a status notification that your loot container has no more space available and that the overlying container is now used instead. The Quick Looting system will try to use the free space of every overlying container up to the equipped backpack.

If there is no more space available in any overlying container, you are no longer able to loot any more items. An updated status notification will inform you that you have not enough space at the moment.

Proposal B: You will receive a status notification if your loot container is full. Potential free space in overlying containers is going to be ignored. You cannot loot any more items using Quick Looting as long as you have not cleared some space or defined a new loot container.

How do I use the Quick Looting feature?

There are two different ways to use Quick Looting. If you click on a monster's corpse, you can loot all the items it contains at once. We call this method "Loot All". The second method would be to open the corpse first and then click on the individual items of your choice to send them to your loot container.

Both methods will only loot as many items as your capacity allows. Stackable items will fill up already existing stacks in your loot container. Gold, platinum and crystal coins will be sent to your gold pouch, if you own one.

A premium player will be able to use both methods of Quick Looting, while a free account player can only use Loot All. Keep in mind, traditional looting, via drag and drop will still be available in the game.

Premium players can also activate a blacklist or a whitelist for the Loot All method. You can add items to your blacklist if you do not want them to get looted when you click on a monster's corpse, whereas, on the other hand, only specifically listed items are going to get looted if you activate your whitelist. Free account players can edit and prepare those lists on their characters but you have to be premium to activate such lists.

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