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Translate and get contribution points!

Created by Uman. on 14 Aug 2017, 10:00

Ever since we have introduced contribution system we try to expand it with new possibilites for you. We know that with time our database is growing and it is harder and harder for you to gain points. That is why we would like to introduce Translations for contribution points.

Supported languages (for now):

  • Spanish

  • Polish

Why these languages? There are two reasons for that. One of them is that our staff members knows these languages and we can evaluate your contributions. Second reason is that we want to open Tibia Royal in these languages in near future. Due to that we want to have translated texts when that happen so we can meet the same standard as we do with Tibia Royal in English.


If you will decide to contribute with translations, for each 25 words translated you will gain 1 point.

At begin you are able to translate to this texts:

  • Blog entries - news & articles

  • Monsters descriptions

  • Quest spoilers

Update: we will not accept old or copied Tibia news and newstickers. For that reason we have decided to disable option to translate old news. Only news and newstickers created from this day will have the ability to be translated.

On each of these pages at the bottom you will find a link from which you will be able to translate (you have to be logged in).

There you will be able to choose the language you want to translate the text to, and the field to translate it. On each translation you will be informed on how many points you will gain per translation.

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By Aguirre on 14 Aug 2017, 18:28 - 11.42

I've done two translations so far. After clicking to submit the translation a new window is opened saying it has a pending status. Should I just wait for an approval? I've tried to check my contributions on my profile and it still shows empty, it won't show anything until they get approved right?

By Uman on 14 Aug 2017, 19:54 - 11.42


Yes we have seen your translations, as soon as they will be evaulated you will be informed if it was accepted or denied. You have to remember we just learn this new system so it might take us longer then 24 hours to accept translations as well as if someone is on holidays (person responsible for this language) the acceptation might take longer, but do not worry, everything will be evaulated!

By Miangelfar on 14 Aug 2017, 16:36 - 11.42

I Can Help You To Translate Topics To Spanish Send Me Instructions

By Uman on 14 Aug 2017, 20:00 - 11.42

Just simply find a page where at bottom is a link "Translate to Espaniol" and translate it.


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