Redesign of Chat & Npcs

Created by Uman. on 04 Sep 2017, 08:00 , 2 users liked this news

We were working hard to bring you new functions at Tibia Royal, at begin we would like to announce two new functionalities.

Chat - Shoutbox

We had a lot of troubles with our chat lately, a lot of people complain about it and we decided to do something about it! We will remove it! Do not worry in return we have created a special shoutbox system, you will be able to speak there with other members of Tibia Royal! In future we do think to implement additional functions from our old chat like "User to User" chat. Something similar like on Facebook. It will depend on how much people liked it and how many of you would like to have such feature.

Npc pages redesign

For a lot of month we have tried to put better and more information within NPC pages. Since we have rebuild our mapper for the third time we are now able to do it! Due that reason we have assigned each NPC to their proper position on Tibia map so that from now on you are able to find them much easier. Together with it you will be able to know if the NPC is being used in a quest.

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