Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Tibia Royal 2.0

Created by Zathroth. on 12 Dec 2015, 23:00
Table of Contents
A new vision is being born!...
New Navigation Bar...more interaction between us!
New contribution System
New Comment System with votes!
New Spawn Predictor
New Enhanced Search Engine
Revamped Game Guide
Improved Graphics
Shield of Destiny - Fansite Item
Projects coming soon!

A new vision is being born!...

During the last months of 2014 and whole 2015, the Tibia Royal Staff has been working on a whole new vision of the fansite. From now on, Tibia Royal will consist on a colective project, wich will permanently evolve with the help of the tibian community. Several concepts have been revamped, changed, and some others were born during all this time after we decided to put hands to work. Futher more, there are still very promising projects that are being developed behind the curtains, and this is why we invite you to join us in this journey to become the best tibia fansite that ever existed. We want you to feel like this whole project called Tibia Royal trully belongs to you, and left aside the roles of fansite administrators, staff members and users to become a real and strong community united for the same purpose, wich is to make the experience of playing Tibia more fun and exciting. To try to make this dream come true, is that we have worked on the following new concepts:

New Navigation Bar...more interaction between us!

With it, we are looking to offer you a more interactive and user friendly experience, like you probably are used to in the most famous social networks. For now, there will be a few options available (we are still fixing details on each section), but our plan is to develop it further. Let us explain ourselves better. What is so good about this navigation bar?, simple, it will provide you fast access to your account and also keep you updated about other users activities, if they are related with yours. So, for example, if someone liked one of your threads or posts you will know it thanks to the new notification system. This way you don't have to check thread by thread to know if there's something new and also we think that forums will be more active. In addition, If there's any private message for you, you will automatically see it aswell. Just from the main site, without going anywhere else...

We also integrated the user profile with its features (user level, user profile, avatar, signature, characters assigned to your tibia royal account and its outfits together with all the future user features), that will be displayed on a scroll down window. We also integrated a shortcut to the new contribution system as well as a new and enhanced search funtion. You will also find shortcuts to our fanpage, twitter, and Youtube Channel!.

New contribution System

This feature is perhaps one of the most relevant topics of this new vision. From now on, your actions in order to help Tibia Royal to keep growing will not go unnoticed. Every time you submit a guide, add ascreenshot or a video, or expand the database adding useful information of items, monsters, NPCs and spells, it will be rewarded with special points which later can be exchanged for rewards!!!. At the begin we will only start with one reward which is our fansite item. With time we will add more rewards to the system. To know more about the Tibia Royal System, click here!.

New Comment System with votes!

It took us a very long time to design a perfect comment system. We believe we have it right now! You will be able to gather contribution points for very good comments. Also, you can vote up the comments submited by other users which you find helpful, and down the ones you disagree with. The more votes your comment gets, more points and reputation you will gain!

New Spawn Predictor

With Tibia Royal you can now predict when certain bosses and rare creatures spawn!. When you are logged in, you will be able to see a new tab called "Spawn time" in the data base page of each boss or rare creature. There you will see a predicted day when the monster will appear again on your server lands.

Please note that at this very moment you can track spawn time of this monsters:

New Enhanced Search Engine

Now you are able to fast search any content of your interest available in Tibia Royal. Just simply start typing and a suggestion list will appear, if the thing you were looking for is not there, no problem. Hit "enter" and the whole page with results will be shown to you, from items to blog entries!. The images show an example of how cool the new engine is, using the word "demon".

Revamped Game Guide

Our Game Guide was redesigned to try to cover all your needs as a player, doesn't matter if you are new at Tibia of if you have been playing during years. This section is now divided in three parts.

First, a basic guide with all the indispensable information, consisting in five chapters represented by the famous grey, red, purple, green, and blue tomes containing the Mystic Secret of Tibia, with the intention of creating an RPG atmosphere. This new structure replaced the old one that divided the introductory guide in begginer, medium, and expert sections.

...Then, the Tibia Royal Encyclopedia, which is the fansite's DATA BASE with the list of Items, Monsters, Npcs, Spells, and Achievements. This specific section wil give you the chance to gather tons of contributions points since it is kinda new, and there is still lot of room for improvement!...

And last but not least, the guides submited by you, the Tibia Royal Members, wich will be slowly incorpored to the basic guide depending on how useful and popular they become among the community of members. There is no need to say that this section is not finished and it is under permanent construction and improvement. We sincerely hope that with your help, we could create the ultimate game guide of Tibia, together, for us and the future generation of players.

Improved Graphics

We are aware that the most important factor of a popular fansite is its content, but we also think that we must try to be the most proffesional as possible. This is why we try to present the website with a fancy look. Tibia Royal look now mixs nice graphics with pixel art notes to create an environment of empathy that relates to Tibia. You can notice it when looking at our main menu, our butons, certain icons, etc.

Shield of Destiny - Fansite Item

During the Tibia Winter Update of 2015, the god Uman Zathroth decided to bless us (and curse us at the same time) with the Shield of Destiny . Besides it is allowed by the Fansite Programme, for us the Supported Fansites to have their own item to be represented in-game, for a long time we decided to abstain ourselves of adding our own item and even not run any contests after some mistakes and misunderstandings made in the past, mostly made by being Tibia Royal a really young and unexperienced fansite, and all the problems that the well known issue with fansite items and some cases of corruption caused among the community. But now, with all these new features, specially our contribution system, we are happy to say that we can ensure a transparent and fair policy to reward players for their efforts in order to make this project happen. But in case you feel we were not clear enough, let's put the thing as follows:

One of our goal is being recognized not only as a great fansite but as a transparent fansite too. We think that the Tibian community needs to feel that fansites are there at their service, and we feel responsible to take steps in that direction to help to change the image of fansites, badly damaged lately. We will not tolerate corruption nor cheating. Any Staff member suspected of that will be inmediately excluded. It is not our intention to do any kind of bussiness with our fansite item. We also do not want to keep it rare and exclusive only for a few ones or close friends, we really want you to have it!. Of course, it will not be an easy task to get it, you must prove you are worthy!.

For all these reasons we took these decisions:

  • Our fansite item will be only won ,only once, by joining the Contribution System, cause we think it is the most objective way, and also you are able to check and control all the submissions made by any member.

  • We are committed to not do any fansite item exchange with other fansites cause, besides it is legal, we think that such a thing only upsets people. This doesn't mean we are not open to help and colaborate with others fansites, but it will only be with clear, tangible, and meaninful actions.

  • There will be a list available with the users, and they registered Tibia characters (random level 8 characters won't qualify, we want to reward real Tibia players), that received the fansite item and clarifying why they received it.

Projects coming soon!

There is even more being done behind the curtains!

  • An interactive Lifethread System to share your experinces with other palyers!

  • Enhanced and improved tools, like a whole new mapper with tons of features!

  • Redesigned Forum!

  • Customizable Pixel Art Avatars!

  • Tibia Royal Achievements!

  • Cool and fancy artowrks made by our graphic artists!

  • And other projects that we prefer to keep as a secret for now ;)

We really hope you enjoy all these changes!, if you find them interesting don't doubt to join us!!

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Spring into Life
By Honourable on 14 Dec 2015, 03:56

Great idea guys, Site's looking really nice, with these improvements hopefully you'll be on the Promoted list soon!

By Uman on 14 Dec 2015, 21:32

Thank you!

By Zathroth on 16 Dec 2015, 05:42

Thanks so much Honourable!. Hope the gods hear your words. Our most fervent wish is to conquer the Tibian hearts, even more than being ranked as Promoted fansite.

EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 21 Dec 2015, 08:34

nice site


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