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Open Letter to CipSoft - Stamina

Created by Uman. on 20 Jun 2017, 10:00

Dear CipSoft,

I am writing to you to show you a problem that have been in Tibia for ages and destroys game play of everyone: Stamina. The stamina itself was a very good idea to introduce in order to stop sharing accounts and after a time botting for a big scale, what was not over thought on the other hand was the impact of regeneration of it. Due the fact that Tibia is level based game and everyone try to push to the highest possible level many people liked the bonus stamina. Problem for many begins when they try to regenerate it. Your character has to spend around 20 hours logged out, after update being in a protection zone. Due to that limitation a lot of people are being forced to logout, they are not able to enjoy the game they love for more than two or three hours a day. I do believe that this lowers the amount of people/players that are online at Tibia servers. That is why most servers feel abandoned, because people simply just log off after bonus stamina is off.

I became really happy when I saw your idea to do something with stamina, but I do believe it is not a good approach. Many people when they are online would like to do something on their characters, there are a lot of things that one can do and all of this has been cut off due to the stamina. Skilling, rune making, questing, helping other players, socializing; these all things has been reduced or even stopped as the players are forced to logout to get the double stamina on the next day.

I would like to propose overthinking stamina once again, especially that you are going to change how it behaved already. I do believe the stamina should regenerate the same way as skill training does. After ten minutes without gaining experience, stamina should start to regenerate.

The outcome can be predicted and there are both positive and negative sides:


  • As much more players will be online more will try to gain level in the same time, it might happen spawns will be overcrowded - it should not happen as the spawn is faster if there are more players online.

  • Power abusing on servers might rise.


  • Rise the amount of players online at the same time.

  • Players are not forced to logout and they can do things in-game.

  • Positive players will more likely buy more things at the store due to their longer time in-Tibia (outfits, mounts and decorations for houses).

  • Socializing will rise, as more people will be online at the same time, more users will try to talk with each other so the feeling that server is abandoned will be lowered. (Positive for new players).

Kind regards,



Tibia Royal Lead Administrator

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