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Interview with Lupus Aurelius

Created by Fafnar. on 03 Jun 2013, 00:00

The Golden Wolf

Lupus Aurelius is one of the graphic artists of TibiaRoyal, and old graphic designer and administrator of TibiaBariloche, the creator of the Mathmaster shield, the Noble sword, the offcial background story of the Majestic Shield, the first sketch of Demon boots and owner of a collection of rare items that he won in several fansite competitions...let's see what he have to say!

1) Tell us something about yourself!

Well, my name is Esteban, and I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I'm a law student. I'm musician also, my instrument is the guitar and I have a part time work in a small musicians school, giving guitar classes and somtimes I play on different bars in my city. My favorite sport is swimming, and I try to practice it whenever I have time to. I am particularly interested in philosophy. I'm not a big reader but I like to read style works of Nietzsche, Marx, Weber, Osho, Mario Benedetti, Eduardo Galeano. One of my biggest dreams is to travel around South America one day.

2) What about your Tibia Character?

I started to play videogames when Family Game and Sega Genesis appeared, since then I enjoyed RPG games like Shining Force I and II (very similar to Tibia, actually). Then when my father bought our first computer, I started to play Pokémon and Zelda games using emulators like No$gmb. I Really enjoyed those games.

After a good time playing those games, I changed RPG for strategy. Started to play Warcraft II (excelent game!), then Age of Empires series, then Dungeon Keeper I (really loved this one) and II, and finally Warcraft III (very very good game. I liked the fact that you have a character that leads your army and grow up in levels and can carry some items and cast powerfull spells, like Tibia but without army in the last case.

Many years passed after that...when one day I discovered online games. My first online game was Ikariam. I played it during like a year, during 2008. The name of my character in Tibia (Lupus Aurelius) borns there, wich means "golden wolf" in Latin. I think the name fits with that game because it was based on a war strategy game, which was at the time of the Roman Empire, and the Romans spocke Latin.

Finally, one day playing Ikariam, a friend of my brother, who came from Bariloche (sounds funny, don't you think?) to study in Córdoba, shows me Tibia ... and that's when the story begins...

I started to play that day, in January of 2009. Didn't know what name I should choose for my char so I decided to call it Lupus Aurelius, as my account in Ikariam. Still had that old computer that my father bought many many years ago, really crappy, haha. I got my first premmy at level 40~, as a gift from the player Friar Muck. As a free account player I already made many friends, as Tridhent (my companion of adventures on the free lands, maybe he was there when I killed "my first Dragon"), Prince Nuada Silverlance (my first Leader, founder of my first guild Elements of Creation), Friar Muck, Lord Edarna, Gothic Fox, Gothic Kitty, Foxmanrene, Arktam, and several others.

The first premium playing days were just great. It was in port hope exploring tortoise cave where I met one of my bests friends in Tibia and most influential on me as a player, Mr. E. He was level 66 by then and a really good player by the way. I remember that after we spoke in Port Hope he took me to make the Pirate Outfit Quest. We had many adventures in Premium zone. Helped me a lot. I rented my first house in the same pyramid that him. LOL, it was like a prison, haha. Uthemath 1a was my first house... I was so damn happy to be in that small thing. This is the only pic I could find of us training near Ankrahmun post office. Im the hunter with the sniper gloves, besides to me is Claw, and the basic Assassin is Mr. E. He took this pic.

I played all 2009 until April of 2010. My father got cancer and I decided to move on and go to live with my musicians friends.

In that time I started to give guitar classes and then I made a trip to Bolivia, Perú, and Brazil. Then I returned to play Tibia after more than a year. Year 2011 was a great year to remember. Many of my friends were retired and I was alone, but I did many thing like soloing my first demon at level 99 and I reached lvl 100 in May.

Over time I found new friends to play (Assassin Warlike, Karl, Angels Son, Maxoon), my old guild (Dedicated), and many new adventures...and I hope that many more are waiting.

3) Do you enjoyed playing at Amera?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It's the only server I ever played togethter with Lunara, so can't say much about the rest. I enjoyed Amera cause it's a server full of history and legendary players, and there are still some good people playing it. The things I don't like just concerns to the actual situation of Tibia in general, with a lack of rule enforcement, poor customer support, and a huge black market, Amera as another servers aswell became a personal gold farm of the leading guilds, destroying any sence of community and any possible fun for neutrals or enemies, but especially for fairplayers.

My old neutral guild, Dedicated s2...

The day I spoke with Eternal Oblivion...

one of the best treasures I got in all my time playing, his autograph :P ...

The house of Dragonas, a recognized player and ex-GM in Amera, now hunted by the leading guild for publishing an open letter to CIP, about the situation of open-pvp servers.

4) I heard you were hunted there, why is so?

Yeah!, I were hunted for almost one and half year. It's a long story. Some time after I joined the TibiaBariloche Staff, Maxoon and I started to become friends and he decided to bring a character to Amera so we could play together with some friends. Everything was going really cool and we enjoyed playing all nights doing team hunts and quests. Actually was like a "golden era" on all my time playing Tibia, I have great memories from those times. I remember when me a some fellows helped Max to get access to Goroma teleports while the mini-world change was running! we didn't know about this cause it was a really new thing and we got stuck in the Goroma Volcano, full of monsters and without supplies and we survived!!, an amazing adventure for sure!.

Trapped in Goroma Volcano without supplies during the mini-world change!

With Max, the admin of TibiaBariloche, at my house in Ank...

Ok, Then is when he decided to found a guild to do some noob wars, this guild was called Warguild one, and the enemies were Warguild Two. It was just for fun until this little guys starting to mess with the leading guild, haha. It's the nature of these kind of players to seek for problems, I mean, I am and I always was a peacefull player, but I'm not against who plays just for PVP, it's a part of the game and we have to deal with it, like it or not.

Warguild One logo and web Icons of the noob warguilds...

One, day I decided to do my routine hunting at Lizard Chosens to get some gps (I admit im terrible to manage my personal tibian economy), and went to corruption hole. When I reach -2, I found a letter that says:

    "Vini Yeh here.". I exiva him, but he was offline. So I decided to start hunting there. After like 30 minutes, this guy logged in and we had a conversation like this:
    -Vini Yeh: Hi, Im camping here.
    -Me: Sorry, but you were offline.
    -Vini Yeh: I was eating a sandwich
    -Me: And that means that I can't hunt here while you were offline just cause you were eating a sandwich??, come on dude... sorry I'm hunting here now...
    A few seconds after that an EK around level 300 called Twingo'Knight messaged me and after insult and humiliate me, we exchanged a few lines:
    -Twingo'Knight: Stop hiding on a neutral guild, leave that spawn right now or you will join your friends of TibiaBariloche...
    -Me: Im not hiding, it is my guild (Dedicated) since the last 10 months, and I will leave now but i don't have nothing else to talk with you, you don't deserve my respect...
    -Twingo'Knight: Fine then, you are hunted...

That was the beggining of what I would call a dark time for Lupus Aurelius. I tried to solve my situation with the leading guild in many ocassions, there are rumors that the guy behind Twingo'Knight was the leader itself, manipulating one of his several moneymakers, after a few months I found out that the real owner hacked the character back or something, and got hunted. I spocke with several leaders and players with a lot of influence, but they behaved capriciously with me changing they arguments and the price of my payout. First was 1kk, then went to 5kk, then someone else said I was "forever hunted", and etc. I didn't what to do so I decided to join Warguild One, by that time they were considered as an enemie guild, I didn't want to fight but didn't had much options, so I still think that I was pushed into it. It was my last hope and I had to give it a try. Honestly, my participation on the war wasn't really active but I could discover a new dimension of the game, like what means to be hunted, what means to go on a battle, etc. I can't say I become a professional PVPer cause that's not true at all, but at least the push war between Warguild One and Rampagee (actually Respekt) was an introduction to PVP and others things for me. Sadly, I realized that the game is being destroyed...and it will die soon or later if we don't do something to fix this.

A video of my short involvement with Warguild One...

Some of my fans. Love you guys!

After most of WGO members and hunted friends transfered away, I was alone in the server and then is where the player Dark Mage of Chaos (one of the leaders of Respekt), messaged me saying that he maybe could help to fix my situation. So he offered me to sponsor my payout for 3kk, and I accepted. Didn't have something to lose after all. I can say that I was free for like a week, but I started to get hunted again, and then is when I decided to talk with the Leader. According to him, I was never free. For him, I'm one of the former vice-leaders of WGO and he will not let me play peacefully in "his" server if I don't pay him 50k per level, that's equal to 7.5kk. But I think the real reasons behind a so high payout , is because I have some expensive items I won in competitions, after huge efforts and in a fair way, and they want to take advantage of the situation...

Edilicia, biggest cheater and griefer on Amera...
Leader of Respekt, visiting my house.

5) When did you find your graphic soul?

I was visiting the site of Pskonejott, and I saw some incredible fanarts from a guy called Holy Mijeman, I have to say he was my inspiration to start drawing... You can check other artworks made by him that I could rescued from the old fansite TibiaCity, here in TibiaRoyal.

Pskonejott fanart, by Holy Mijeman, one of the greatest artist in Tibia!

I had my opportunity to start doing it in July of 2011, when I knew about a story contest on TibiaVenezuela, and I decided to do a comic about the story of Lupus Aurelius... I didn't know how to draw or paint in computer, so I googled "how to draw comics and thats how I know about GIMP. I took some papers and pencil, then I used the scanner and... I made some crappy draws... those were my first steps into this...

Ugly comic...

Sadly I didn't won that contest...but I discovered my passion for drawing and that increased my enthusiasm for this game aswell...

5) How did you start your journey as a graphic artist?

Well, calling myself an artist its like too much, I prefer to say that Im just a guy who likes to draw. Some time after, I read that newsticker again...and what I found?...a fansite from my own country!?, but when i enter to the site i read ..."ERROR 404...", great deception...

A few months passed after that, when a friend told me that TB started a new contest about wallpapers. I said to myself "maybe this is my opportunity". So I draw a wallpaper. The update with the crystal wolf was launched (and I remember it cause I wanted that mount, cause it fits with my name), so Idecided to create a wallpaper in the cold mountains of Bariloche. Me the assassin, this time riding a Crystal wolf. More crappy drawing...

Lost again, but I started to talk with Marco (Maxoon) , so I joined the staff, and then he asked me some works like the Grim that holds the language book, and the Dracoyle Statue that holds the Google Ads.

My first work for TibiaBariloche.

My next job as a recruit in TibiaBariloche, this is the sketch that Maxoon sent me for the Google Ads box...

The finished work, 100% made with mouse...

In the middle of October of 2011, Marco gave me a great new. TibiaBariloche got promoted...I was very happy, couldn't take off my smile from my face, like the day I saw my designs in a PROMOTED FANSITE. It was November 3 I think.

TibiaBariloche Logo.

After I found out that have a chance to contribute with your own designs to Tibia , then is where I started to create Items for different fansites, also I made the first sketch of Demon Boots, and others items and works I didn't published yet, but I will as soon as I find time to do it...

Mathmaster Shield, created for TibiaStat
Noble sword and the non-spiked version

The Mutated bunny Doll (not added into the game)

My sketch of demon boots! (not added aswell)

6) Do you like to do anything else expect of Tibia & graphic designing?

Yes, as I said I have different works as a musician, and I dream someday I'll make a professional record with my own guitar works. Also I try to do sports as much as I can, I like to swim and I go to gym everyday.

7) What would you like to being changed in Tibia?

Well, this is a question that needs an effort to be answered. The rule enforcement, and the customer support are two crucial points. The actual situation of Tibia is disgusting and it is an slap on the face of any fairplayer. Botters are out of control, the in-game economy is being destroyed. The community, and the fun that gives direct and indirect competition, such as PVP, is being destroyed aswell. There's a huge black market for tibia gold, characters, and items, and sadly I suspect its a huge income for Cipsoft. Sadly they are losing the trust of the community of fairplayers and we are slowly quiting. Back in 2007 we had 60k+ players online. Today we have 25k-30k players where 50% or more are the same persons using multi-client on several accounts, botting 24/7. Tibia is a very old game and if Cip don't take some decisions to fix it and update it, it will die, soon or later. It just can't compite with other new games in the market. And if to that, you add the fact that Tibia is being devoured by botters...I mean, stand for a moment on the feet of the newcommer, it doesn't look like a game where you would like to spend your money and literally YEARS of your time, right?

-Do you actually think that a fairplayer would have access to 150kk to buy a Ferumbras Hat, or to access any content of the game without having problems with the big botted leading guilds?

-Do you think that is possible for a person to have several characters level 300+ without breaking the rules?

To success, Tibia needs to offer a transparent gameplay enviroment, that should be the avatar of the marketing strategie of Cipsoft. Why? cause if you have a transparent game, you have a true challenge. And that is what any gamer is looking for, a true challenge... the possibility to become a hero or the chance to achieve things they can't do in real life (You can't slay a demon in real life, don't you?), among other things like sharing different experiences with friends, etc.

I made a proposal called "The ultimate revolution of Tibia", you can read it here if you are interested on this topic. I offered a few solutions to fix the game but yet i didn't get any answer from Cipsoft. I will keep developing my ideas using TibiaRoyal as my space to spread my vision.

I just would like to share some videos that reflect what should be changed in this game, I know its very controversial cause it has racist overtones (and i don't support this at all, a lot of my bests friends are brasilians and I respect them, they are smart people who love the game and take care of it like any fairplayer), but it reflects somehow, how the community is being destroyed by botters, just replace the reference to "BRs" for "botters" (and again to avoid any misunderstanding, with this i don't meant that all the brasilian players are botters, a lot of players from all over the world are cheaters), like in the part that there is a huge guy flying taking 9999 exp and the poor fairplayer is down watching the situation with concern and feeling helpless.

Tibia is being destroyed!...

Credits to Honourable Knight of Honera for this last video. Another excellent Tibian artist who contributes with TibiaRoyal...

Another really important thing know, when my main character, Lupus Aurelius, was around level 25, I started to read tibia.wikia to learn how to play and stuff like that, there is where I found out about epic players and old volunteers who contributed to make what Tibia is today, also realized about those legendary and unobtainable items given only to those who really worthed and all the misteries and the magic that sorrounds the whole game... then its when I started to dream... I wanted to become one of those players and write the name of Lupus Aurelius in the sands of the history of Tibia.

I started with nothing... I was an unemployed kid without money or credit cards living in the 3rd world...just a free account noob with a lot of enthusiam and a bunch of dreams spending my free time after school playing this game. I had no drawing or design skills, or anything, I just wanted to collaborate with my ideas like Knightmare and Elleshar, for example, did long ago, cause I though that this virtual universe created by the community of players was such an exciting an original idea...besides the old fashion graphics and etc...

But with time, I realized that Cipsoft its only making a huge effort to change the original spirit of the game. From a project created by four young guys and then helped by the community to a serious company that wants to compite with the huge monsters of the game industry... I realized there would be no room for my biggest dream...I realized that they made a big mistake cause they are pretending to be something they aren't...they can't compite with other game companies trying to be what they are not...I realized that Tibia without that essence that kept me playing it's only a repetitive and boring game...There's no room for creative and enthusiasts players like me who want something else that being hours in front of pc doing the same actions over and over again for years, just to continue doing it for ever... if the developers want to keep the project for more years should give some space:

-An space to volunteers, they should let us participate in the crative process like they did at the beggining, this will not make them less professional or something...with their control and direction it could make the game just AWESOME, and ORIGINAL compared with other MMORPGs.

-An space to recognize the true heroes of this game!

-And also they need to find a way to make the game less repetitive...add more action and randomness to make it more exciting...

8) Do you want to say something to the community?

Just two things...

a) A message for fairplayers. You are the true heroes of this game, you are the legends that will be remembered, not cheaters. If you ever feel pushed to cheat or to buy something like gp or items to keep playing and you have to spend more real money than you premium time requires, please don't do it, it is not a healthy thing, just quit playing. Besides it will be more harder, you can have anything you want playing the fair way and it will be more fun. You will be enforced to work hard and met people, make allies in order to success and solve mysteries, and that amazing adventure is called Tibia.

Once we, all the real players quit, they will realize that we are those that keep this game alive, botters wouldm't have bussines to do anymore or someone to power abuse, so they will quit aswell.

b) This, thanks Mr. E...

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