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Triangle of Luring

Created by Avar Tar. on 05 Feb 2015, 16:00

Ever since ancient times, luring has caused many locations to be feared by Tibia adventurers.

What today is solely a haunted area where people walk safely in the streets, erstwhile was scene of havoc and bloody deaths.

This area was called Triangle of Luring.

But, after all, what luring is?

In Tibia, luring is the power of attracting and leading a creature from its natural habitat to a spot you usually would not find it. In other words, luring is to make a creature follow you from its spawn spot (place where it's born) to a different place. In most cases, the goal is to surprise and kill adventurers who do not hold enough strenght to face those creatures, and, of course, did not expect to find them there.

Luring and the Triangle of Luring

Although luring has always existed in the magic world of Tibia, naturally it has become more common and a real problem as the number of players increased.

Until August 09 2005, the day Tibia version 7.5 was launched, the triangle of luring was one of the most feared zones of the game. It was extremely rare to pass one single day without seeing lured creatures in this area - delimited by Dwarf Bridge to the north, by the bridge near Venore to the east, and the bridge near Mount Sternum to the west.

Monsters that habit the Plains of Havoc, such as Dragon and Giant Spider were lured daily by malicious players. As you can see below, the now placid dwarf bridge formerly served as box seats for a freak show.

Anti-luring measures

By the mentioned time you were prohibited to lure on Optional PvP servers (previously called "NoN-PvP", before the creation of Guild Wars). Any attempt to kill someone in this type of server was considered destructive behaviour, therefore, punishable. However, seeing a lurer getting punished was somewhat extraordinary, both due to the limited amount of gamemasters, and due to the difficulty to catch someone in action. For these and other reasons, luring has become allowed since 2010 - when a reform of the Tibia Rules removed the rule concerning "game weakness abuse" (which included luring). However, even though it became legal many anti-luring measures were implemented into the game in the following updates to prevent players from practicing it.

The construction of the Dward Bridge - the bridge situated around the centre of Tibia mainland (between the "free" cities Venore, Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel and Kazordoon) - many years ago was crucial against luring.

The Dwarf Bridge. Artwork by J4B.

Before it was built, you could lure Giant Spider from the Plains of Havoc into the cities of Carlin and Ab'Dendriel.

Cyber jar, a Trimerian, recorded this moment on August 18, 2003, a Giant Spider lured into Carlin city.

Another Giant Spider in Carlin, this time registered by Selinde Merenwen of Lunara:
"Most fun I've ever had in Carlin. Respect for the lurer !
It's not very nice for the lowlevels, but still it's quite impressive...
Makaveli Tha Don is killing the monster ;)"

And here is a Giant Spider lured to the city of Ab'Dendriel on Libera.

It was also feasible to lure a Giant Spider to the city of Thais before the bridge near Mount Sternum was engineered. (This is a picture from Amera)

In 2005, with the launch of Tibia 7.5, perhaps the most impactful anti-luring measure was added:

  • Creatures started to disappear when moving too far from their spawn point. This resulted in the end of that so dreaded area - to the delight of the majority.

  • Other measures were implemented along years, such as replacing holes for ladders and stairs, otherwise people could rope wild creatures. This has turned impossible, even before 7.5 client, to lure creatures into the city of Venore, as previously. Years later roping creatures has become impossible at all. In 2010, with the launch of Tibia 8.7, lured creatures walk back to their respawn places as soon as they lose their target. Hence, luring in its original form, as it was known when the word came in Tibia, never happens anymore.

On Trimera, Deadly Hoberz registered when a Giant Spider and a Dragon Lord were lured into Venore. Crazy!

But... Do you think players were 100% safe now? ;-)


It used to be very common to see in the old game-chat (now english channel) and trade channel (now advertising channel) people warning or asking if there were lured creatures in the triangle region, since that route was widely used. Nowadays, beyond luring is not possible as before, with the easeness of getting a premium scroll, this route is not used much anymore. Moreover, beforetime giant spiders were relatively slow and did not use haste, making it possible for a level 30 to lure one.

From what is known, the greatest record of all time happened the day nothing less than 22 giant spiders were lured on top of a house south of Dwarven Bridge. This house is in fact an abandoned restaurant. The question that comes up is: How come the roof didn't break?!

Above you were asked: "Do you think players were 100% safe now?" Well, this question was made because since 2005 you may encounter creatures called bosses. They are stronger than other creatures of their race, but aren't found so often. Bosses are not affected by anti-luring limits, therefore in some rare occasions you may encounter The Old Widow (Giant Spider boss), which appears in Plains of Havoc from time to time, in the old "Triangle of Luring" region.

In 2008, there was a real slaughter in Silvera when The Old Widow was lured and killed more than 100 players. Today, unfortunately, these bosses do not scare much, and in those rare moments that they are seen in open space, high-level players crush them within seconds.

What people say about luring

The first report is the reply from a former lurer to the question "Why do people lure?" shown in an article of TibiaNews in 2004.


My first lure was an accident. I was running from a cyclops and it followed me all the way to Thais. As I entered town, people started to run from it, yelling, and all of a sudden I felt very powerful. After that, I did it a lot. Sometimes I'd kill the cyc myself in town and blame someone else for the lure ... people saw me kill the cyc and didn't suspect it was me, but then I needed to bring more and got known as a lurer. That was fun, too, because people in town would ask me to bring them in for excitement. When the elf and minotaur spawns were added after an update, I started luring scouts and guards. That was funny, because at first people just thought they were summons until they started getting attacked. I was sorry I missed the time when GS could be lured into Thais... that must have been cool to be able to do. I never got caught, but after a while I saw it was hurting people that never did anything to me, and it wasn't really fun anymore.

Sir Prize

I played with a knight, it was my first char and I took like a week to get out from rook. A friend of mine that went to main before had told me that there was much luring... I didn't even imagine what it was about until I reach main and get greeted by around 3 cyclopses. I found it strange at begin, the existance of monsters inside the city, but thought it could be one of those "invasions", raids. After that, I started to hunt (...) I got level 10, after days being pked and dying by lured scorpions in troll cave, I only stopped dying because someone taught me about the existance of "exana pox". In this moment, they told me the best place to hunt was a city called Venore. What was Venore? I didn't know. How to get there? Even less. I decided to follow the signs on the road that connects Thais to the dwarf bridge and finally takes to the intersection of the roads of Carlin, Thais and Venore. However, there was my surprise: I'm welcomed still in stairs by giant spiders. Obviously, I had no chance and died. A while after, a friend explained to me that it was normal, and that I had luck not to found it near the post office. And this is how I found out, in the skin, what luring was - in Tibia 7.4.

Hugh Black

Luring was awesome...kept a lot of noobs away from the game.

encountered the gs many times, but only 2 or 3 times it was 5 or so :)

Novato Knight

Their anti-lure system was so stupid! Before you never knew what you were going to find behind a hole. There was a strong emotion, expectation in it, I remember. What kind of thing am I going to face? When I was noobzor, like in 2004, I used to tremble before going down a hole, because I could find an evil minotaur!

Now, with wikia and so, you are always aware of what you are going to face. The anti-lure stuff contributes to take away the sudden surprises - which were a great part I miss in old Tibia.

I got caught once or twice by Fire Elemental, which was usually lured in Folda Island, I used to explore. When I got higher level I started luring Fire Elementals myself. Such nostalgic times..

I'm totally against the anti-lure system because I think it is part of the RPG. Taking away the possibility of luring creatures is taking away the possibility of being actually surprised, there is no fun when you know everything that is going to happen. It's stupid.

The only surprises you have nowadays are other players trying to kill you, which, almost always, you have to run and can't face, like lured creatures.


I have to agree with Novato. The thing that made tibia so awesome was the possibilities. You could basically do whatever you wanted, there was no restrictions to your actions. And because of that the community had such a huge impact on everything. There were people trying to do good and maintain order in the world, and there were people who tried to create chaos, and the game was open enough to ensure players could do that.

I can't say right now what started it, but we have since a long time had a long trend with creating new restriction with every update. Restrictions that prevent players from creating chaos. Like the anti-luring systems we are talking about here. When players don't have the possibility to destroy... then there's no reason to having other players trying to do good. There's nothing to set right, there's no order to maintain... the game does it for you.

So my point being... adding restrictions is a pretty effecient way of killing a balanced community. Now... I'm not saying the restrictions should take all the blaim... when one part of the community starts cheating, that is also pretty devastating for the balance, but I highly believe that the restrictions was not the way to go. But that is all history now

A typical case, recorded 10 years ago

In the first video of Tibia Nostalgia serie, you will be able to watch a video stored for a decade. It was recorded by Sir Tala the Zealot, a knight from Rubera. As in most cases, there was a lurer, the victims and a "rescuer" - that player or group of players who showed up and killed the lured creature. Curious enough, the rescuer in this video is the only character that still exists today. His name is Guniop, a paladin whose level was 41 - almost a high-level back then! ;-) Enjoy!

Final words

At that time, many players demanded for solutions concerning luring.

The past of the area that got known as triangle of luring was gloomy, full of poison fields, infested by giant webs, blood and corpses of young adventurers on the floor. Today, it's a piece of pure land bathed in tranquility. Adventurers of modern times may cross the road with no concern. But, after all... isn't luring part of our daily adventures? In the eyes of current community, were these anti-luring measures a good thing? Well, this might be a discussion for another time! Back then, most of us were against any kind of luring that was used to kill. Still, I confess that now I miss when we had this possibility, when we had to always be in alert because we never knew what we could find along the road or in a hole. Seeing those poison fields in the way to Carlin/Thais/Venore was a signal, was scary, but expressed the desire of getting stronger enough to face those creatures.

Do you miss moments like these, or like the updates that have happened since then to forbid luring?

Fine, maybe it's just nostalgia! We all feel it sometimes, don't we? ;-)

Well, at least Tibia is just a game, so fortunatelly we cannot suddenly encounter lured giant spiders in real life...

That's all folks! Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it! ;-)

And make sure to visit our Nostalgia Tavern. The beer is on us!


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By Cici on 20 Aug 2017, 14:46 - 11.43

Was a bit difficult translate this article, this because there are many words in english that the spanish comunity use as it!

Also made-words or slangs, like "Lurear", wich is a created word (english-spanish) hope you guys consider it! Many things as monsters, city and places names, spells, etc kept their former names, and are used as well for the spanish people, this way doesn't creates confusions about names in the game.

By Trululu on 05 Jun 2016, 17:05

Beautiful article, but I think this is not completed if don't have reference to this:

Lady Parody
By Lady Parody on 06 Feb 2014, 19:00

This brings back a lot of memories! I play on Pacera, and used to be part of an association called the PGA, which was a collection of guilds whose members would monitor Game Chat and swoop in to the rescue when we heard of any luring.

I remember when they put in that super-high stairway outside Venore to give people a place to run to in times of danger.

Traveling from Thais to Venore is not the same nowadays - no adrenaline rush, no sweaty palms in anticipation of possible doom!

By kudai on 06 Feb 2014, 20:44

I made an account just to post

so sad looking back at all these pictures and videos of what a great game this once was, tibia now is nothing compared to how it used to be, I love looking at nostalgia articles this is what tibia was meant to be :(

By Avar Tar on 07 Feb 2014, 00:16

Glad you liked, kudai! That's cool, Lady Parody! I wasn't strong enough to rescue people back then. In fact I was the one who needed to be rescued a few times! :) Many unforgettable memories!


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