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Public Test Server

Created by Rgeoz. on 26 Apr 2017, 14:00

Fellow Tibians, as we announced in a previous dev note, we have performed a small revamp of a few existing spells as well as created some new spells, which we plan to implement with this year's summer update. We have started a public test server to give you the opportunity to try out the affected spells in advance and to provide us with your feedback and thoughts about them. We would like to give you a brief overview of the new and revamped spells:

New summons: Each vocation can cast its own summon, which will follow you around and attack the same monsters as you are. Its movement speed corresponds with yours and it can change levels to follow you up or down stairs or ladders. Keep in mind, these summons cannot participate in certain boss fights.

Second wind:

Depending on your remaining health, second wind allows you to increase your damage output in dangerous situations. The lower your remaining health, the higher the damage you will deal.


A knight that casts challenge, attracts the attention of surrounding monsters for at least 8 seconds. Within that time frame, the challenge spell can only be broken if the corresponding knight dies, leaves the battle scene, or another knight decides to cast challenge. Weakened monsters cannot flee as long as they are controlled by the spell.

Conjure wand of darkness:

We replaced the spell enchant staff to conjure wand of darkness. The new wand of darkness deals high death damage and temporarily increases your magic level.

New conjure spells:

We have removed the following spells from the game:

conjure bolt, conjure sniper arrow, conjure piercing bolt, conjure poisoned arrow as well as the promotion spell conjure power bolt.

In return, paladins received three, more powerful, new promotion spells: conjure diamond arrow, conjure spectral bolt and conjure royal star.

For detailed information concerning the newly added and revamped spells please check out the "Spell Details" announcement on the test board.

The test server is only accessible via our Tibia 11 client. The character backup for the public test server was taken on March 31, at 10:00 CEST. Therefore, you will have to use your account name and password that were valid on this date to access the test server.

During the testing phase, it is quite possible that the test server is only running for a day, for example, until it gets shut down again to get new changes implemented. This allows us to respond more quickly and accurate to your feedback and to work on changes based on your suggestions.

We have set up a testing board on which our tutors, senators, fansite representatives, focus group members, former closed beta testers, and selected long-time players can post their feedback. We invite everybody else to post their feedback in the corresponding thread in the Auditorium. We have prepared a few questions, which should help you to provide us with the needed feedback.

Have fun testing!

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