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New Additions, Products and Features in Tibia

Created by Rgeoz. on 25 Apr 2017, 10:00

Fellow Tibians, with today's extended server save, we implemented a patch that includes the following:

First of all, we made some adjustments on our website. There is a new Tibia Support Webinterface, which allows you to contact our support team directly in our support section if you are logged in. Once you have confirmed your request, a support ticket will be created and forwarded to our support team, where it will be processed as usual. You will be notified on the site and via email as soon as you have received a reply. There is also a new dedicated section on the bottom of your Account Management page to show you all of your existing tickets.

Additionally, there is now a "CM Tracker" on the right column of the website if you are browsing the forum section. All posts from us community managers are now easier to track and follow. While the latest four posts will be displayed in the tracker, you can search for our older postings in the new "CM Post Archive".

A new Store interface as well as the following new products are also available now:

Two new blessings can help you to reduce your penalty in case your character dies. In total, you can now reduce it by 56% if you die while being protected by all seven blessings. Both new blessings can either be purchased in the Store or obtained directly in Tibia from two new NPCs.

Tibia Royal: We have updated our article about blessings, you are able to fast calculate amount of money you have to spend for all blessings inclusive two new one as well as find locations and hints on how to obtain them.

You are now able to have up to five charges of each blessing. In case of death, one charge will be consumed but your character will stay protected by the remaining ones until you run out of charges. Keep in mind that you can only buy the first charge of blessings from NPCs. Additional charges need to be purchased via the Store.

Last but not least, we are introducing Death Redemption as a Store product. By purchasing the Death Redemption after your character's death, it will be treated as if it was fully shielded by all blessings at the time of death, meaning you will regain a maximum of 56% of your lost EXP and skill points.

Death Redemption is only available in the Store for a limited time frame of 24 hours after the character's death. In addition, it is only applicable to your most recent death.

Furthermore, we added new features to the Tibia 11 client.

  • Spell list: We added a new control button to show or hide a new spell list in your sidebar. The spell list will provide you with useful information about every spell. Additionally, you can sort your spell list to make sure it only displays the spells you are currently interested in.

  • Action bars: You are now able to activate up to two action bars in the client. Keep in mind, the first time you start your updated client, only one action bar will be displayed. You can adjust your settings in the "Action Bars" section of your options. Action bars can be used to assign objects, spells, text or hotkeys to different action buttons. To assign objects, simply drag & drop them with your mouse onto one of the action buttons. You can also drag spells from your spell list onto an action button. To assign texts and hotkeys or to edit already assigned buttons just right click on the action button and choose the desired option.

We also made a small change in the battle list filtering. From now on, summons of other players will no longer be listed if you choose the option "Hide Players".

Have fun!

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