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Tibian Artists - Understimated Heroes

Created by Zathroth. on 23 Apr 2014, 00:00

Introduction: The quest for the challenge that can't be cheated...

As Craban more or less used to say in one of his blogs, the majority of players dream to become heroes, to reach the unreachable, do something that we can't do in the modern and anonymous real life of the twenty-first century. Only a few will write their names in the sands of history of this fantasy world. But The concept met a sad fate, cause, "All achievements in Tibia have been cheated. Cheaters have destroyed Tibia's dignity and PVP...". This is what TibiaMirkaan said once in the official forums. That was echoing in my mind, and made ​​me wonder ... perhaps the age of heroes and true leaders is over?, does Tibia will not see the rise of new players that inspire the community with their passion and abilities?...

It is true that finding a high level player running through the streets of Thais or any mainland city no longer impress us, to see someone with high skills doesn't fascinate us either, the Highscore lists became useless... wearing a certain outfit or taming a monster is not a great achievement nowadays... and what we can say about PVP?, yeah... it is broken too... fairplayers don't have any chance to compete or have any fun against the army of high level botted characters that control most of the open-pvp servers. I don't even want to talk about rare items and collectors, or the fansite matter (as a collector and fansite staff member and administrator this makes me very sad). It is also true that when someone starts to "shine" somehow, most of the times gets devoured by haters, griefers and trolls that abound in our community. To me this is cause it's really easy to destroy, but a true challenge to be creative and talented, and this situation talks a lot about our community. So...the question is (a question to the community and to Cipsoft too)... what is left?... How can we recognize our heroes?...what kind of challenges shall we pursuit to experience the fantasy and the joy of becoming a hero?

Maybe by the title of the article, you can guess where I'm going...but please, let me share my personal experience. I remember when a friend of my brother showed me this game in January of 2009. So... I was there, on my noob character facing a huge and vast world...everything was unknown, a lot of people on the streets and a lot of information to process, it was really fascinating. Then, one day standing on Ab'dendriel depot, I asked to TibiaPrince Nuada Silverlance about some tips, and he recommended me to visit, that day I had the feeling that American players are really skilled, no clue why, but I confirmed it later. There in the wiki started by Erig, I read a lot about Tibia and its history, for the first time I could be in touch with the Spirit of the game, I understood the concept of RPG, I read about legendary players and so many other things... and I just fall in love. The concept of a game created by four friends and then helped by the first community of players that worked as volunteers was amazing...something created by gamers for gamers. Many legends that live until our days were born from such experiences, maybe some of them were unwanted by the creators and they went out of their hands, but in the end it resulted in something just great (Magic Longsword and Powered Demon Shield stories, for example, come to my mind right now while I'm writing!). The famous name of Knightmare and his mysteries were born from that era too...

Since then, I have wanted to be part of that magic. But, how??, every in-game goal seemed to be a waste of time, by 2009 the dark era was upon us, there still was a light of hope but the harm was pretty much done, the cheaters were out of control. Tibia wasn't an amateur project anymore, Cipsoft became a corporation with a professional profile, and there was no more room for volunteers who wanted to participate in the game development process... So, I wondered what could be done to fulfill my fantasies. The answer came to me when I visited, and I saw the fan art made by TibiaHoly Mijeman, and later when I discovered fansites and the chance to add an item created by players into the game to represent these sites.

This is how a journey full of adveture started. I experienced joy and frustration, met a lot of people and awesome and skilled players with passion for drawing and creating sprites, fakes, videos, entertaining us and developing ideas for the game. I finally found a challenge that can't be cheated... the challenge of being creative, clever, resourceful, and artful... we maybe are not great warriors or skilled in-game players, but sometimes a pencil, a brush or an idea or a concept are sharper than the sword... they can't penetrate a character's body but it can on player's minds and souls and stay there forever.

This article is a humble tribute to some heroes that have been kinda underestimated, until now... our Tibian artists and their creations. Of course, I'm aware that there are several others heroes yet not recognized in Tibia (likes some tutors, fansite admins, oldschools, and other players, besides that each fairplayer is a hero to me in these times of darkness and corruption), but this task belong to all the community and even to Cipsoft, I'm just helping with my grain of sand hoping that it becomes a consciousness seed...

The Hall of Creativity: Some players that accomplished notorious achievements in the art matter...

Li Dao

A very controversial player, hated by some and loved by others. But it doesn't matter if we like him and his ways or not, there is no doubt that he is one of the precursors of Tibian art. Even being retired, he is the player with more items added to the game, included the famous nightmare doll, the only item chose by Cipsoft after the old volunteer era, without winning the 1st place in a fansite contest (actually he got the 2nd place with it on TibiaFriends contest). Winner of several fansite contests, his dolls marked a style that went crazy the whole community, and it was imitated by many sprite creators until today. Also, he made designs for sites like Funtibia and Mmotter.

You can read some info about him in this interview made by TibiaBR, and also you can see some of his art at his personal Deviantart.

Honourable Knight of Honera

Another great artist that I had the pleasure to meet and competed with, he gave us a hand collaborating with some of his fan arts, you can see them in the game guide section. I started to pay attention to his works on fansite item contest, where he submitted the "Rat trophy", a really good and well made item, later he amazed me and all the participants in a lot of fansite contests. Winner of several contests, his style is unique as you can see. A skilled sprite creator and cartoonist with a good sense of humor. Recently, one of his creations, the "Memory Box", entered into the Thaian Museum. For sure we will see more of his creations getting added to the game.

Here you can see one of his several comics... I personally recommend you to check the one about vocations, and the one about different points of view of an Elite Knight, really fun indeed!

He also created a really good and funny video, winner of the video competition called "TibiaML vs. TibiaCity"...

He is actually playing! So you can contact him on Honera forums!


A really great Tibian artist, creator of the "Imortus", the fansite item of Exhiti. I remember that he won the first wallpaper contest of Tibiabariloche.

He also is a precursor of 3d tibian how he managed to create a Quara constrictor..

Holy Mijeman

The creator of the Golden Newspaper. The fansite item of TibiaNews, one of the oldest Tibia Fansites. He's the guy who made those incredible draws that you can see on Pskonejott's website. Fortunately, I could rescue some of his artworks from TibiaCity (I had the luck to compete with him in this fansite, designing items for an easter contest), once a popular fansite for english speakers that no longer exists. The majority of those draws were made to certain players... amazing manga/anime-style artworks!


I met this player on TibiaEvents fansite item competition... in my opinion, he is the best sprite creator that I've ever seen... you can check his Devianart to see his amazing creations. He also won the 1st place at TibiaBariloche Wallpaper contest 2012!


Great artist aswell, old school player and ameran fellow and collaborator of TibiaRoyal. Maybe you can recognize his work on the article the Triangle of Luring made by our excellent and creative Editor Avar Tar.

Some of his interesting modification of popular demon lords...

Also, he recently got the second place in the TibiaHoF fansite item contest, with his "Almanac of Fame"...

He has his own Devianart as well. Check it!

Royal painters!

Of course, we can't forget about those paintings in Thais and Carlin castles!, created by Tifazinha and Fenris Greyback!, you can read the details of this great event made by Cipsoft, here!

Miki the Sorcerer and others - "Stories from Silvera"

An excellent tibia parody, I loled so much with it... I share the first episode!, you can find the rest on YouTube

So...are you a Tibian artist?...Did you meet these players in any contest or in your game world?, Do you know someone that should be here in this list? Let us know! What are you waiting to share your works with the community!?

I'm sure that there are a lot of you out here waiting for being discovered. If so, share our works with us! If I didn't add you to this list, it's cause I'm tired and nothing comes to my mind now, lol , so...sorry... this article took a lot of time and I only made a short list of people! Besides that, there are a lot of Tibian artists as already said, but just let us know and I'm going to make you a space!. I really hope you enjoyed the reading. If you are interested in sprites, don't forget to visit Thais museum every Sunday, to see the items created by players that were added to the game!.

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By Makadamia on 17 Jan 2021, 00:38 - 12.55

This article is sooo good! :) You and all these people are really inspiring!

By Emfulz on 27 Jun 2016, 13:38

Useless addons, so true.

By Fafnar on 02 Dec 2014, 03:00

nice article

By Honourable on 29 Apr 2014, 09:57

An Honour to have my work featured in such an awesome article! It's very cool to see the unique works and style of the many artists of tibia!

Love it!

By Zathroth on 30 Apr 2014, 14:40

The honour is ours, it's the less we can do to recognize you and all these players that are part of the history of Tibia. Thanks for the feedback so far. May darkness be your path.

By Combi on 29 Apr 2014, 02:56

Nice article!! xD

Avar Tar
By Avar Tar on 28 Apr 2014, 15:22

Good job! ;)

Julien Brightside
By Julien Brightside on 25 Apr 2014, 17:13

I have done some Tibia related art at my DA account if anyone is interested.

By Zathroth on 25 Apr 2014, 20:04

Excelent. Of course we are interested!. I personally liked the Armadile and the Chakoya artworks!


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