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New Store Interface and Products

Created by Rgeoz. on 20 Apr 2017, 00:00

Fellow Tibians, besides the new Webinterface and the action bars we have also redesigned our Store. Inspired by the Flash client, every item is now directly displayed.

Additionally, we are going to introduce two new blessings: Once implemented, you will be able to obtain the "Heart of the Mountain" and the "Blood of the Mountain" blessing. Besides the five regular ones, you are now able to further protect your character with these two blessings. Both can either be purchased in the Store or obtained directly in Tibia from two new NPCs. Already existing NPCs that are selling the regular blessings will provide you with further information about their new colleagues.

Being fully protected with all seven blessings reduces your loss of experience and skill points in case of a character's death by 56% now.

Furthermore, you are now able to buy up to five charges of each blessing.

If your character dies, you will lose one charge of each blessing but will still be blessed until you used up all of your remaining charges.

There is a new button for blessings above the amulet slot, which will show you the current record of your blessings along with additional information concerning their shielding effects on your next death penalty.

Keep in mind that you can only buy the first charge of blessings from NPCs. Additional charges need to be purchased via the Store.

If your character dies while it is not fully protected by all seven blessings, you now have the chance to reduce your most recent death penalty retroactively via a death redemption. By purchasing the Death Redemption your character will be treated as if it was fully shielded by all blessings at the time of death, meaning you will regain a maximum of 56% of your lost EXP and skill points. To clarify the usage we have prepared a small example:
  • Completely unprotected, your character would lose 1,000,000 EXP in case of death.

  • At the time of death, you were protected by five blessings, which reduced your penalty by 40% resulting in a total loss of 600,000 EXP.

  • You decide to purchase the Death Redemption, which treats your character as if it would have been blessed by seven blessings the moment you died.

  • Therefore, after the purchase, you will retroactively regain the missing 16%, which equals in 160,000 EXP. The same applies to your lost skill points.

Death Redemption is only available in the Store for a limited time frame of 24 hours after the character's death. In addition, it is only applicable to your most recent death.

To answer further questions, we have provided a small FAQ for you.

Stay tuned!

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