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Royal Adventures: The Easter Egg Hunt.

Created by Rgeoz. on 17 Apr 2017, 08:00

"After last few weeks of hunting i've been bored, all the same, day after day and i can feel my team slowly going into a very sad routine. With spring almost here, the ice is melting and i can't wait for the flowers to be in full bloom. Hopefully the new season will bring us new adventures..." i was saying to myself, as always i was trapped in my own mind thinking and planning till if stumbled upon a SURPRISE NEST!

I had forgotten is that time of the year when the Easter Bunny is out there hopping and dropping eggs everywhere, i couldn't stay put. THIS WAS MY CHANCE! I got inspired to take my team out of the usual perks of hunting into a fresh adventure. I organized my own EASTER EGG HUNT! I did knew my friends weren't going to just go out there to find them, I needed a strategy...

My strategy was quite simple, first i needed to know where the eggs were and then i would disguise as a white bunny, fluffy tail included and stalk them until they were curious enough of my pressence to follow me...

Free Zone


I started on Thais and it didn't took long for my friend to ask himself what was a bunny doing in the depot, specially staring at him... and tried to give me a piece of carrot he found in his depot. I must say, hopping is not an easy thing to do, i managed to make him follow me into the nearest of the 5 Hidden Nests in the city, he was sturbborn at trying to feed me that carrot, gosh... Anyway he got a chocolate bar from it and kept looking for new ones, he didn't even realized i was gone...

Here's a map with Thais nests.


This one was trickier i catched my friend on the earth elemental cave near the Dwarf mines, and had to jump into one of the cars from Kazordon's rails... Trust me, you don't want to this while being a cute small creature, but i did got it to where i wanted...


On Carlin i found a friend selling some loot to Rashid, the Travelling Trader all of you should know by now... This was going better than expected and with each City i visited more and more people were out in the hunt... "There's the rabbit!" screamed a girl before i sneaked an utana vid to dissapear.

Here's the map with Carlin nests.


Then i moved to fibula luring a new friend of mine, i would hop, hop, hop and then stay quiet a few seconds, when he almost got me i would just start hopping again... Can you believe it worked? I was not only getting the trick on hopping i was actually making my friends have some fun,

the smile in their faces is all that i needed to keep going.

Here's a map with Fibula's nests.


This one was a lot of fun, after bringing my pal to the location of the egg, he found out that there was some jungle grass in the way and that he couldn't follow me right away so he had to go back to the depot to get a machete and get to me, at this moment the words of the "Easter Bunny" luring people into his nests was already spreading all over Tibia.

Here's a map with Ab'dendriel nests.


When i got to Venore, the easter egg hunt was already "popular" between my friends and i found one of them searching in the swamps... i wasn't going to hop there, my paws would get dirty and no one would follow a muddy rabbit... I stood there until he noticed me and then lured him bellow the depot to a "well hidden" nest.

Here's the map with Venore's nests.

Premium Zone


On Premium Zones i didn't have time to "pick" a friend, they were expecting me, so it became a run to keep my secret... a very exhausting run... BUT it was working, my people were getting out of that "laziness" that was eating us, and all of it because of a bunch of colourful eggs.

Here's the map with all the Edron nests.

Liberty Bay

On Liberty i catched our newest member hunting some Wyrms in the Vandura mountains, he didn't gave me that much time to "stare" and started running behind me. A "Thank you!" was all that i could understand out of his mouth full of candies.

Here's the map with Liberty Bay nests.


Some of my friends followed their instinct and curiosity no matter where did that take them, here's an example. At least the view from the top of the piramid, if you're not afraid of heights of course.

Here's the map with Ankrahmun nests.


I have the feeling that she knew it was me, she knows me all to well not to, but i'm glad both that she kept the secret and that she had fun running all over the city finding the nests.

Here's the map with Yalahar nests.


From Edron i got chased all the way through the Rotworm Caves to Cormaya by my favorite paladin, needles to say i mumbled a magic shield on the way in case he wasn't patient and tried to shoot me for dinner... wouldn't be the first time i'm in that position, a story i might or might not tell you another day.

Here's the map with Cormaya's nests.

Port Hope

Port Hope, was certainly the hardest, i had to go to the deepest floors of Banuta to get to her, and i'm telling you... fluffy rabbits are surely on the "To eat" list of Hydras.

Here's the map with Port Hope nests.


On Darashia i found myself followed by someone unknown, gladdly he wasn't trying to kill me and he was just interested in the rumours, we did got to the nests tho...

Map with Darashia nests.


Since i started i knew Svargrond was going to be the last city, after it i was in crazy need of a hot cocoa and bunch of warm comfy blankets.

Here's the map with Svargrond nests.

After finishing my "task" i was certainly pleased, as the afternoon passed i saw from the balcony of our guild hall how the kids from town aswell as the adults, both locals and foreigners were checking under every tree to find the nests our friend the Easter Bunny left around.

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By Akinaxis on 19 Apr 2017, 23:00 - 11.20

Heh, Nice story, some nest are really easy to find, though the fine point is the story made by the rabbit, I enjoyed chase the rabbit for while, Enjoy th easter my friends.

By Urgith on 19 Apr 2017, 11:49 - 11.20

:D! Great story! I was also chasing the rabbit. Enjoy!


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