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Dev Note About Tibia 11 Analytics Feature

Created by Uman. on 10 Apr 2017, 10:00

Tibians, we have prepared a new dev note to give you the opportunity to give feedback about something we are currently working on!

As you may know already, we are developing an analytics feature for the Tibia 11 client. This feature is inspired by Tibialyzer, a popular, unofficial extension that was created by Mytherin.

It will provide you with useful information and statistics about your hunting sessions and thus, help you to analyse and optimise them. We plan to release this feature as a part of this year's summer update which is currently scheduled for the end of July.

Today, we would like to give an overview of the basic set of functions that this feature will offer since we are curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on this. Check the dev note post and corresponding questions in the Auditorium to find out more and help us with your feedback until April 17, 12:00 CEST.

Here is an overview of the basic feature set. Please note that the following information does not include everything the feature will offer.

  • The analytics feature offers various statistics. These can be activated and opened as sidebar widgets (like the battle list, for example). These basic statistics are available for both free and premium players.

  • You will be able to analyse your character's progress, loot, waste, impact, and hunting sessions.

    • Progress: info on XP/hour, time to next level

    • Loot: info on number and type of looted items, gain/hour (gold value of looted items based on NPC price, average Market price on your world or individually set prices)

    • Waste: info on number of used items, waste/hour (gold value of used items based on NPC price, average Market price or individually set prices)

    • Impact: info on damage output/minuted, healing output/minute

    • Hunting session: length of active session; info on XP, damage and healing output, gain, waste, number and type of monsters killed, number and type of looted items. It will be possible to export this data as a text file.

  • Premium players will be able to choose additional ways to compare and visualise certain data:

    • They will be able to set a target value and see how their current value compares to it (e.g. XP/hour).

    • They will be able to see how a value evolved within a certain amount of time in their active play session.

  • Item Tracker: You will also be able to track a certain number of items. This number will be higher for premium players.

    • You will be able to check how many times you have looted an item since you started to track it.

    • If you activate the tracker widget and a monster drops one of your tracked items, you will be notified about it in the widget.

    • Premium players will also be able to set a threshold so that they get notified in the widget whenever they loot an item with a gold value above the threshold.

  • Quest log widget: You will be able to mark certain quest log entries as active (e.g. a specific Killing in the name of... task). Entries marked as active will be displayed in the quest log widget (e.g. kill counter of a task). This allows you to track your quest or task progress via the sidebar widget while playing. The number of trackable quests/tasks will be higher for premium players.

  • Our analytics feature will not include any information from external websites such as TibiaWikia, for example. For the time being, there will be no details or statistics about monsters, hunting grounds or cities. At first, we would like to evaluate and think about these topics further.

  • For all items that have a Market flag or can be traded with an NPC, the analytics feature will provide you with the info you currently get when inspecting an object. It will also provide you with their reliable and up-to-date ingame prices (NPC price and average Market price on your world). Moreover, it will also tell you the rough location of an NPC.

  • All data will be accumulated during your active play session and is only accessible during this play session. It will be lost as soon as you logout. So for the time being, it will not be possible to compare hunting session from different play sessions.

CipSoft would like to know few things from you:

  1. In general, does this package meet your expectations, especially considering the fact that we do not use the TibiaWikia database on monsters, hunting grounds and the like?

  2. Do you miss any features that you consider crucial? If so, please name them and shortly explain why they are so important to you.

  3. Are you OK with our approach to show notifications within sidebar widgets instead of letting them pop up or appear directly in your game window?

  4. About the quest log widget: Would this information suffice for you to track your kill tasks properly?

  5. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the basic feature set as presented on a scale from 1 (not satisfied at all) to 5 (extremely satisfied).

If you would like to answer this questions, please post them in this thread at

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