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Powergaming: 2005-2013

Created by Uman. on 13 Aug 2014, 17:00

To begin, I leave three questions for you to answer:

  • What's your game style?

  • How do you interpret the data in this thread, considering the current reality of the game?

  • Do you think there's any hope for the future community of Tibia?

To those who started playing 9 or more years ago, you should remember that finding a level 60 by the avenues of Carlin or Venore was something to make our eyes widen.

Ingek and his friends going to Dragon Lair, Edron - and my reaction (2004).

There weren't many people with level 100 or higher. Not only because it was harder to level up, but due to the fact that in the beggining people were not so focused on leveling, since there were a plenty of things to be found out. When Tibia was born, for instance, most players were pleased by Tibia mysteries, quests, the unknown. Spoil also didn't run as today. However, after almost everything was discovered many players started to dispute for the best hunting grounds. Powergaming, competition for the top... began to increase at the expense of roleplaying, what had direct or indirectly negative impacts in the long run: increased number of cheaters, increased power abusing, increased black market (gold selling), increased account trading, downfall of economy, etc.

After all, what is Powergaming? Every game will probably have its own definition, although with many similarities, check out:


Powergaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as (in video games, boardgames, and roleplaying games) storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable. This behaviour is most often found in games with a wide range of game features, lengthy campaigns or prize tournaments such as role-playing, massively multiplayer or collectible games.


Powerleveling is where a player hunts constantly to try and gain experience points. They often leave loot in the bodies of the creatures they have slain. (...)

RPG online

Powergaming (or simpply appealing, as we are used to), is generally accepted as a form of play with an emphasis on developing a "powerful" character in what he proposes. The term has always negative connotations when associated with the guy who only cares about the attack bonus, damage, etc. To make use of it the guy usually has to have a good knowledge of the system in question, seeking to achieve maximum results with minimum costs and penalties.

But despite being considered a great villain, the truth is that powergaming does not need to be something "evil". The practice may very well be used as a good tool to create rather than just a superpowered character, a consistent character.

Update 7.3, 2004

2005, good times! Recently were implemented the waiting list, city of Ankrahmun and the raid system (with Rats and Orcs only).

In this article, created on February 7 2013, I will show you how were the Top Level 500 in February 5 2005, exactly 8 years ago, so that we can reflect a bit. Since then much has changed in this purport. The amount of hunting grounds and creatures, for example, more than quadrupled. Some other issues can be noticed with base on the data below.


February 05

* Character does not exist anymore.

Breaking apart these data it is possible to draw several conclusions:

  • Players reached an absurd level which the game creatores themselves never thought they would achieve.

  • By the levels, it is presumed that the economy was totally affected.

  • Paladins and Knights were the dominant vocations in the top. Today we see a constantly increase of the number of Sorcerers and Druids in the rank.

  • In blue colour, Optional PvPs. Note that in 2005 they were minority in Top 25. All Open PvP worlds were still habitable, even though power abusing and wars already occurred. While in 2005 there were five players from Optional PvP game worlds, today only six aren't from this kind of server. This is not only due to the greater ease to level up in these severs, but due to the power abusing which consumes Today's Tibia. In some worlds with dominant guilds people have to pay to play, and are even prohibited to found a new guild, like on Ocera. Still concerning worlds, we can see that Antica still dominated the ranks in 2005, now no longer a player represents the oldest server of the game.

  • Many players of the current rank started to play years later from 2005's data, but managed to get such a high amount of experience.

  • Do I need to say anything about experience points? Bubble had 133 millions eight years ago. Now some players get it within a month. The highest level has more than 4 billions and half experience points, almost 40x more.

As you can see yourself, number of druids and sorcerers in rank is growing along time. Worth to mention that druids were formerly devalued.


Experience record in one day didn't reach 3.000.000 experience points back then. There was no stamina, so despite of the fact that people could hunt for long time, there were much less hunting grounds, which made it boring after a while. Obviously there was no cavebot, although many people shared account. Nowadays the record goes for 40.000.000+ experience points in one single day and (ABSURD) roughly 200.000.000 in one month.

Well, to almost end, I remember when I saw a screenshot of a test server in 2004 where a voluntary gamemaster put his character on level ~250. Me and many players got impressed with that, thinking that it would take many years until someone reaches that astonishing mark. It didn't take long.

Powergaming... For some, a game style. For others, as the player Sero the Fearless Mage: "makes many people become addicted, think only in getting stronger, judge others by level, feel like "kings of servers" with egocentrism there in the heights, and so on."

Not that in the old times the game was better, many things have improved along time, but many have gotten worsened as well. Community is not the same, there's no longer that camaraderie, that more friendly atmosphere between players. And they weren't so individualistic as now.

Take a look at some quotes related to this topic:


I started tibia in 2005 and will never forget the time when we were just noobs, worked hard to level up north of thais to kill simple orcs, spent hours and hours making UH to get a crown armor or a demon shield, even fishing was disputed between friends. Those golden times of tibia will never come back =/. I miss the times when tibia united people and didn't cause quarrels and intrigues.


But I think that studying Tibia mysteries is a good alternative to face the game, because there are many stuff to search for, furthermore you leave a little aside that almost automation of "hunting, leveling, making money", which makes the game a bit boring. I do not criticize those who are powergamer and like their game style, because I value the satisfaction in the game, but I think many people get queasy for getting bored by the routine (and in this aspect I include myself, since although I wasn't a powergamer, I always played with the aim of leveling, and today I am seeking a new way to face the game). In this sense, searching for the secret stories of Tibia would be a good alternative.

Who is the guilty one? Or is there a guilty one to blame? CipSoft? Players themselves? A bit of each? Take a look on what the old gamemaster Excessus said in interview to TibiaNews:


I suppose Tibia has evolved and attracted a kind of public. Might be the aesthetic changes, the gameplay, the delays of Cipsoft addressing botters and cheaters that has motivated many lazy kids who likes instant success rather than working on their chars as we did in the past. I dont know. This is something Cipsoft has to study, and I am sure they are doing that with the data they have.

Another fact I pointed, and I know how extremely rude and unpopular this might sound, but it is that Tibia become VERY popular in countries with different levels of education and morals than the 1998-2001 community, which was based mainly on german, north-european, american players. I am spanish myself and I know how different are things here compared to Germany. We have much to learn, as we all have much to learn from japanese people and their civilised ways to face the catastrophe they are living now. This had an impact. Also true is that our youngsters everywhere are changing. At least in Spain its like that... old key values like family, respect... are fading away. Times are changing, and Cipsoft is not to blame for.

Is there any hope for the future community of Tibia?


Who knows. Imagine they completely get rid of the cheaters problems, for example. Many of those superheroes of level 500 will get banned in a percentage you do not dare to dream. Real players will then get more field to play in a right way, and Tibia will be more enjoyable for them. They will not get bullied, ec. They do not powerlevel this much, they like to spend time talking with friends and organising activities in the many scenarios that the map provides. You remember the entire sessions we passed just talking at the door of my house, doing runes. Those players will recommend the game to other players like them. That might happen.


I'm getin tired. nothing s gonna hapen. i can play a lie and then alltose boters come and destrooy all the joy... i play since 2005 with this char. saw lots of things. but today there is some kind of industry around tibia. boters selling GP, boters exp, the other day i saw at ebay a guy selling 1000 free acc with 1 lvl8 in each. u know what scares me more? (ingame) one of the things i used to love more in my free time was playing tibia and now im starting to get really bored. and i feel weird , felling this way. i feel weird, coz sometimes i dont want to play. and i feel like ppl (old tibians) are startinfg to loose the mojo. i really miss the time when tibia was a small comunity. ppl used to know each other. hed all that RPG. now i feel like a dumb guy trying to play surrounded buy mechanical boters. sometimes i ask myself, whats the sense of playing this, and that scares me coz i know that my time is coming to an end. i was from premia. idk if u ever played there. and i used to love the small comunity without boter and free lvl 8 spammers there. but world transfer came. and kids came to rule the server. pemia never had randddddm PK an power abuse. one day i had to scape 3 times from pk random traps. that was the day i left premia :( i know its stosaa that. but ithink i keep trying to get that great game back. and iiiiis gone. its like geting back to an old house once u lived, thats how i feel. there is no more comunity, i feel like a lonely guy walking around zoobies. will cipsoft wake up and try to make old players happy again? :(

Mythologic Declive

Nowadays the number of people who hunt in group has decreased considerably precisely because powergaming, where the person concerns only with profit and experience, in which these two points become indispensable in their hunt, and this makes socialization between characters very hard, even to make quests which are completely boring by the fact that they are made through spoils that detail everything.

The high amount of hunting grounds is also a powergaming factor, where the person tends to get the place to himself, saying that only he can hunt there because arrived first, thus making a sharing impossible since he doesn't give give up the experience he gains alone.

People's mindset has changed the game, CipSoft updates are necessary so that we do not get on sameness, but it was the way players received and used such innovations that gradually changed the mentality of the game, what was important before, no longer is.

Master Daro

“You get it, its not the graphics and smooth display

mature players wants to, its the feeling of creating an own picture

from pixelled screen with really bad shadows,

the fear of monsters,

the cooperation with others,

the respect on how our moves can feedback."


After many screenshots of fights, demons, fire elementals, dragons, among others, it was about time to upload a screenshot to have fun!

This is a party in front of Thimoti Brazuca's house, where all Brazilian players of Carlin were present! Hail Brazil! XD~

Nothing to do, let's party!

For some, many of us, old and ancient players, do not fit into current reality. That is why many have gone away. And, even if the game is taken by robots, fortunately there are still people with good game styles, that are always willing to cooperate with each other and want to simply login a few hours a week and have fun - not destroy others' fun. While these players exist, while honest players exist, while there will still be tutors fighting for a fairer game, there will still be hope. When this ends, then my friends, game over.

Dec/2012: Party in the guildhall of Red Rose guild to celebrate their 15º anniversary.

The bests of the year were awarded during this event.

Newest interview

Full List of Vocation Adjustments
Character Auction Overview and FAQ
By Buxiga on 07 Dec 2015, 06:43

I left Tibia in 2004, right before the 7.3 update, I believe.

I remeber that when I was killed by a monster I got frustrated for losing items, so much exp and skills (which reflected back then in hours and hours of fishing, eating and "adura vitaing"), but I held myself together and moved on, fought back to get my stuff and advance.

When the increase in the number of random PKs started to happen -and that takes me back to the "dance" pking, or "test hit"- that's when I got out of tibia. It felt like those players were so immature, who didn't have a life, spent all their time powerleveling and Sudden Deathed your S for what? Nothing. Only to show that in some virtual life they're something.

Sorry, I got carried away.

Well, I sincerely hope they find ways to improve the tibia virtual lifestyle. I look forward to seeing the day I say I want to go back to the mainlands.

By Uman on 10 Dec 2015, 11:52

I have started at 2004. It also made my angry when I died by monsters or by PK. It was sad days for me indeed when I get killed, but then I get my "Protector" for which I paid 3 backpacks of HMMs every week. Due that most people did not touch me. Ah, this old good times :)

By Thorekz on 21 Jul 2016, 07:01

I started in 2003 and played for too long.. Created many accounts through time, too many characters to remember all their names, plenty of servers including enforced, pvp and nonpvp, i leaded guilds, hunted in groups, participated in parties, joined many test servers, i too met Ingek since i played calemra at that time though he was around lvl 100 when i met him and used to sell him bp of sds back in the day. I spent hours on trade channel trying to buy crown legs in 2004, i played all vocations mostly knights, i cheated too..started with tibia gg and light hacks and finished full tiem botting 20 accounts at the same time in different places making easily 5kk a day in loots. I got characters from lvl 0 to 300+ more than once. I love rookgard, i spent many months in rook chars to reveal the islamd secrets, and finally i stopped playing.

Best times for me were 2003-2005 until that stupid winter update which gave the mages wands and changed the whole atking system that made the game incredible faster.

I first used a botting tool around 2006-2007 but i didnt actually considered myself as cheater until i took it on a full scale mode around 2010-2011.

I quitted because people who took over the game took the fun iut of it, i blame that for cheating myself since i only used light as cheat for many years and not any other tool.

Well nowdays i got too many accounts which i dont even remember their passwords with a lot of characters over lvl 300 and more than 100kk on bank money but i dont even bother playing because i rather stand outside thais depot talking to 4-5 ppl and making sds which today is lost with the ridiculous giant map, absurd player levels, lack of english skill, inmature young fucks and mostly robots.

I wish u all the best, i played for too long and i a hope not to return.

Long live tibia 1997-2005

Thorekz/carcaro/chris the swordman/dark lordeath/druida clandestino/zollar/exodia knight/adrian silverheart


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