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This Week in Saving Tibia

Created by Uman. on 01 Apr 2017, 10:00

There has been some speculation on a certain website about our new intern CEO. He is rumoured to have been in charge for a few months now and for being responsible for all the improvements in Tibia during this time.

We decided to look for this mysterious man and were able to catch him in-between meetings. He agreed to answer some questions.

What do you think about the technical integration of BattlEye so far?

I think it's quite promising. There were no major issues after the technical integration. This has enabled us to start gathering and analysing the data that we need to ensure a smooth activation of BattlEye. Even though we still have a lot of data to analyse, you could say that I'm quite happy with the results so far.

We have received reports from players not being able to emulate the Tibia 11 client on their Mac operating systems anymore due to the integration of BattlEye.

Oh, if that's the case, that’s definitely not cool! Thanks for mentioning it.

Let me think about it...

Well, I haven't told anyone yet but I've been working on a private project because I play Tibia on my Mac as well and Adobe Flash is nearing the end of its days. This project is not yet fully developed but I guess under the given circumstances we could start a public testing phase of my Mac client at the end of April. Yes, that's how we'll do it!

This is fantastic news! You said you play Tibia yourself, may we ask which game world type is your favourite one?

That's a good question! In my opinion, every type has its very own pros and cons. Nevertheless, I consider myself more of a competitive player. I've played Retro Open PvP as well as Hardcore PvP and I loved the competition I experienced in wars against other guilds and players. Ha, good times! Some players produce really cool videos about these fights. Great content if you ask me.

There's this one guy in particular who explained in a video why he thinks that Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds would make a great addition to Tibia. I really liked that one!

The more I think about it...

I mean, his arguments are solid, I guess...

You know what? Let's give it a try! The summer update will be the perfect opportunity to launch Retro Hardcore PvP worlds. I'll talk to the rest of the team to set everything in motion and start planning right away.

Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, I'm on a tight schedule today. You'll have to excuse me, I need to go now! Give my regards to all Tibians out there! Bye!

That's our new intern CEO. Always busy and full of ideas. Who knows what he will come up with next time we meet?!

Stay tuned!

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