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DDoS Protection Temporarily Enabled for All

Created by Uman. on 01 Feb 2017, 12:00

In order to collect a sufficient quantity of data for analyzing purposes and further evaluation, our external DDoS protection will be activated for all players from February 2, server save, until February 3, server save. This also includes players who are using Tibia 11 to play and have the DDoS protection checkbox unticked in their client.

If you encounter any unusual significant connectivity issues during this time, you can help us to analyse their cause by following the instructions in this post on the technical support board.

Instructions from post

Disclaimer: If you want to help us to analyze the problem you can do so by following the instructions below. Please note that you are doing all this at your own risk! We can not be held responsible for problems that occur due to using those external programs.

We know that using the DDoS protection might lead to a general higher latency or lag spikes for some of you.

If you are using a Tunnel, Proxy or VPN to connect to Tibia, please deactivate it as those services are likely to interfere with the DDoS protection service and therefore cause the lag for you.

If you still have lag spikes or general lag after disabling those services, we would need your help to be able to improve the situation further.

Please send us a traceroute report to and include the city where you live, the exact date and time when you created the traceroute report and your timezone, and if you suffer from general lag or lag spikes.

It is essential that the traceroute is created WHILE you are having the lag. We know that this can be difficult during short lag spikes but we hope that you try your best.

In addition, please note that those mails will be unanswered, but the information from the reports will be investigated!

To create the traceroute report, please follow these instructions:

On Windows:

  • Download Tracetcp

  • Install WinPcap

  • Unzip tracetcp.exe and place it in the folder C:Temp

  • Press the Windows Key + R, enter cmd in the text field and confirm with OK to open the DOS box

  • Switch to the Temp folder by entering cd C:Temp

  • Start the Tracetcp for the desired address,

    • for European game worlds: "tracetcp.exe"

    • for North American game worlds: "tracetcp.exe"

    • for South American game worlds: "tracetcp.exe"

  • Right-click in the DOS box and choose select, select the entire result

  • Right-click once more in the DOS box. This action copies the data that was selected in the previous step to the clipboard automatically.

  • Transfer the copied data into your email to by right clicking into the email text field and selecting paste.

On Linux you can also perform traceroutes by opening the terminal and typing "sudo traceroute -T -p 7171" or "sudo traceroute -T -p 7171" or "sudo traceroute -T -p 7171" depending on the game world you are playing on and hit return.

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