Interim DDoS Protecion System for Tibia 11

Created by Uman. on 20 Jan 2017, 11:00 , 4 users liked this news

We are currently working on a new automatic system for a better protection against DDoS attacks. Since this takes some time, though, we have implemented an interim step to improve the current situation. The interim solution, that was implemented for the Tibia 11 client for now, should better the playing experience for many players already.

After you have entered your account data in the Tibia 11 client login window, you will see a new checkbox in the following character selection window. It is unticked by default. If you tick it, you will enable an external DDoS protection for your playing session. As a result, your game play will be less likely to be affected by an ongoing DDoS attack, and your connection might be improved.

For some players, though, enabling this external DDoS protection system might unfortunately result in the contrary: a higher latency and possible lag spikes. That might also be the case if you are using a tunnel service. We suggest you turn off the tunnel service first in case you are using one before you disable the DDoS protection system again, in order to make sure that the problems are not only caused by the tunnel service.

We sincerely hope that this interim step will alleviate the negative consequences of DDoS attacks for many players already. As mentioned above, we are working on an automatic solution. However, for the time being, we ask you to manually choose whether you would like to use this new system for your connection or not.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and we apologise for the troubles!

Kind regards,

Your Community Managers

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