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Prices of premium time rises!

Created by Fafnar. on 24 Mar 2014, 00:00

Today every Tibia player have recieved a letter, an open letter from Cipsoft. It's about a really hard topic..."money". The premium time and extra services price will rise from April. The date is not yet known but we can predict it will be sometime by the middle of the month. You can find the new prices of premiums and services in a table below. You can know about the new ways of payment that will be implemented in the official website. We think that the whole payment system will be new. We do hope it will be much easier for the community. Together with this new system all the subscritions will be set on "expire". It will not be possible anymore to pay for premium by this way. They do hope to reintroduce subscriptions later, after they test this new system.

We will be able to buy premium time a little bit cheaper. The catch is that we will not buy premium scrolls (which we can transfer to game), just premium time for our own account. As soon as we pay for it, it will be activated on our account!. The price difference is because the scroll can be transfered into the game and being sold for gold.

In the new system the prices will be shown in your local currency (remember that sometimes the price can be higher or lower because of special bank exchange prices). The payment methods will be different for each country and product you want to buy.

    Most important things about news:

  • It will be introduced around April 2014

  • Till this time you can buy all in old prices

  • The new price list is shown below,

  • Subscritions will be no more available

  • Subscritions might return later

  • Resellers prices will rise up

  • Payment Methods will be different depending on the product and your own country

  • In the new system prices of products will be shown in your local currency

Product Price Price per month

    1 Premium Scroll

8.95 EUR 8.95 EUR

    3 Premium Scroll

24.95 EUR 8.32 EUR

    7 Premium Scroll

53.70 EUR 7.67 EUR

    11 Premium Scroll

80.55 EUR 7.32 EUR

    15 Premium Scroll

107.40 EUR 7.16 EUR

    30 Days of Premium Time

8.45 EUR 8.45 EUR

    90 Days of Premium Time

22.35 EUR 7.45 EUR

    180 Days of Premium Time

39.95 EUR 6.66 EUR

    360 Days of Premium Time

69.95 EUR 5.83 EUR

    Character Sex Change

3.95 EUR

    Account Name Change

5.95 EUR

    Character Name Change

8.95 EUR

    Character World Transfer

24.95 EUR

    Recivery Key

5.00 EUR

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