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Death Compensation System

Created by Uman. on 05 Dec 2016, 11:00

We deeply regret that many of you are suffering from the ingame effects of DDoS attacks. We assure you that we are working together closely with our providers to reduce the effects that these attacks have on your gaming experience.

Further, we are monitoring all character deaths in Tibia and, of course, analyse this data regularly in order to optimise our ingame DDoS protection system for character deaths. We have heard your feedback that many of you are not satisfied with this system, though.

So we have decided to share the data we have collected in November concerning character deaths that were not the result of PvP. In this chart, you can see three different groups of non-PvP character deaths, combined for all game worlds, except for the three new game worlds we have set up on November 22. The grey bars show regular character deaths. As you can see, their size basically remains the same during DDoS attacks. The orange bars, the ones that do grow immensely during an attack, are displaying character deaths for which the death penalty was reduced to zero. The blue bars that have grown a bit as well during the attacks, indicate the character deaths that were compensated retroactively by XP, skill, and blessing charms.

So the quota of the regular character deaths that are not the result of a DDoS attack does not show a big difference compared to times without DDoS attacks. This is actually a good sign, when you look at the data only. It shows that there is actually a very high chance already that most character deaths that are caused by DDoS attacks are indeed compensated. We do not want to take this data as an excuse, though. We are, of course, continuing our work to improve the system, trying to further reduce the negative effects of such attacks.

In addition, we are working on a feature that will provide you with more information in case of a character death as well. On your account management page you will soon be able to find information if one of your character deaths was counted as...

  • a regular death,

  • a character death with no loss,

  • or a character death with a retroactive compensation.

We hope that we will be able to release this feature in the course of this week.

We have also been hearing your wishes for more communication during DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, though, due to the unpredictable nature of DDoS attacks, communication as in 'giving warnings about an attack' is difficult. A given warning might come at a point when there are not any ingame effects of an attack. Further, we would not be able to remove such a warning either. Because right when we say: 'It is safe to go hunting now!', a DDoS attack might be hitting your game world in the next couple of minutes.

There are often DDoS attacks happening that do not have any ingame effects, because they were mitigated. However, often enough some do bypass our protection. For this reason we are striving to make the ingame compensation system as exact as possible.

We want to thank you for all your feedback and for staying with us! We apologise for the negative ingame experiences some of you are having because of the DDoS attacks.

Kind regards,

Your Community Managers

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