Tibia 11 Fixes

Created by Uman. on 22 Nov 2016, 12:00 , 4 users liked this news

It is time for another round of fixes for the Tibia 11 client. Among others, we were able to address the following with today's release:

  • After switching characters with CTRL+G, the message "Connecting to the Game World. Please Wait." is now displayed until the connection is established or you were sent back to the character selection.

  • From now on, the server log channel gets updated every time a hotkey preset is switched.

  • Trading with specific NPCs does no longer close backpack windows automatically.

  • As originally intended, ingame bug reports can only be sent by Tutors.

  • An issue causing the market fee to not being displayed correctly in the total price field, is now fixed.

  • The icon "Hide Party Members" now filters only members of your own party in your battle list.

  • Already logged off characters should no longer be visible in the battle window.

  • Monsters that are no longer in your game window, should not be displayed in your battle list anymore.

  • Changing to a higher container level while the container is minimised, does no longer result in an empty container window.

  • Players can now enable "Use Native Mouse Cursor" in their general options to use a default mouse cursor.

  • A mouse click to perform an action (e.g. backpack opening) while having additional mouse buttons pressed, is now working.

  • Clicking on a channel name multiple times does no longer result in lower FPS. The FPS drop after switching channels should also be reduced noticeably.

  • An issue causing the cooldown bar to stay coloured even after the cooldown ended, is now fixed.

  • We made some small adjustments to the sell offer process in the market interface. It now works the same as creating a buy offer.

  • We adjusted the size of the market interface and interchanged the position of the collumns "Piece Price" and "Total Price". A variation of the given order is no longer possible.

Have fun!

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