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New sprites

Created by Uman. on 02 Nov 2016, 17:00

Dragon scale legs & winged helmet Quest?

Look at the picture, you will see both Dragon Scale Legs and Winged Helmet . They seems to be broken so maybe a Ab'dendriel Cyclop will be able to repair them!

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By Venner on 03 Nov 2016, 11:04 - 10.97

Oh my... If they create a quest with a bunnyslippers/wh/dsl as a reward I will seriously consider quitting. Some of the items look terrible (I'm not talking about the old sprites)... for instance the orc wearing a santa hat... or that white, pillow-looking backpack... what the hell is that? They probably fired their best graphic designers a couple of updates ago. I can't remember when it was the last time I have said "wow, that's an awesome-looking item"... They should really ask Lupus for collaboration... Update by update they create one graphic of a weapon or whatever else and just change the colours to have a few different items... This is going nowhere... I can even accept the things buyable only with TC... but please CipSoft... care about look of the items you create too...

By Zathroth on 08 Nov 2016, 02:12 - 10.97

Hehe, I will take that as a compliment :). Sadly, Cipsoft refuse to receive help from players.

By Eric on 03 Nov 2016, 00:58 - 10.97

I'm guessing the broken Dragon Scale Legs and Winged Helmet as well as the other items are going to be apart of Tibia's 20th Anniversary. Hmm...

By Uman on 03 Nov 2016, 07:33 - 10.97

Or a nice new quest which will bring us by long way to obtain them, where you will have to choose between :)

By Zathroth on 08 Nov 2016, 02:12 - 10.97

I believe it's gonna be part of the anniversary event too. Let's bet! ahah


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