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The Temple's Secrets

Created by Uman. on 25 Oct 2016, 13:00
Alon decided to confront the priests. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

The priests did not seem to be surprised by his appearance and answered friendly: "We are arranging everything. Day by day, dark forces are getting stronger! But do not despair, the gods have decided to help us. We, who have been chosen to introduce the Tibian heroes into the long forgotten secrets of the Astral Shapers, are preparing the Halls of Hope!"

"Astral Shapers? What are Astral Shapers?" Alon had never heard of them before.

"Once, they were an ancient civilisation praised with an incredible knowledge that had reached its cultural climax during the ages of the God Wars. After their high civilisation got destroyed, the Astral Shapers lost their former power and glory.

Those who survived, withdrew to secret hideouts and turned their backs on our world. Only little remained from their once glorious places and until recently it seemed like the Astral Shapers died with their knowledge long ago. Fortunately, our newest insights showed that at least some of their ancient sites are still intact.

As soon as the Halls of Hope are rebuilt, we will be able to introduce you to the great accomplishments of their culture. Only if the temple regains its ancient glory, you will be able to learn the highest art of imbuing."

"What is imbuing?" Alon asked while he wrinkled his forehead.

"The ultimate power of the Astral Shapers was the ability to forge magical bindings onto items. Once completed, these halls will give you access to their ancient hideouts. But be careful, over the centuries those in hiding slowly degenerated and their descendants are as far away from their ancestor's civilised behaviour as you can only imagine. If you are worthy enough though, you will be able to bind powerful imbuements to your equipment."

This being said, only one single question was preying on Alon's mind: "Tell me, how many of their ancient sites do still exist?"

Where stones are melting and dragons breed, the FIRE imbuements you
must seek.
When snow and blizzards impede the sight, for ICE imbuements you must fight.
If trees are dying and flowers perish, the EARTH imbuements will be cherished. Where cold and heat are streaming free, the desired source is ENERGY.
When only time tells what you gain, HOLY is among those to obtain. If pain and suffer fills the air, the DEATH imbuements will be there.
  • To rebuild the temple, Tibians have to collect heavy old tomes from monsters or treasure chests.

  • If a world is not able to collect enough heavy old tomes the next building stage automatically starts after two days.

  • The temple has to be rebuilt completely to activate portals which are located inside the Halls of Hope.

  • Six dungeons which are inspired by the elements can be accessed through those portals.

  • Players have to solve different quests and defeat a boss at the end of every dungeon.

  • All six bosses have to be defeated at least one time to gain access to a final seventh boss.

  • The boss fights are repeatable and aim at players who are able to compete at the "Heart of Destruction".

  • Monsters roaming through the dungeons are comparable to the strength of ogres in Krailos and above.

  • Once a boss is defeated the player unlocks the corresponding powerful imbuements. Further information about imbuing will be revealed in a designated teaser.

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