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Welcome to Tibia Royal!

Created by Zathroth. on 29 Dec 2013, 10:00
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A few words about this Fansite
Royal Features
What do we offer in return?

A few words about this Fansite

TibiaRoyal is still under construction, nevertheless we have decided to enter the official Tibia Fansite Programme - bringing more freshness and ideas to develop a Website for all of us to enjoy! While you may find some glitches and bits and pieces missing, we have made sure that TibiaRoyal is ready to use for all Tibians.

We wanted this website to be a place where all players could get together, share their experiences, thoughts and knowledge about the game while having fun! There are a lot of promising projects running up behind the scenes and our main goal is to become one of the best and most liked Fansites around. That is why, we will provide you with original new content, useful tools, awesome functionality and so much more!.

So... allow us to introduce some of TibiaRoyal's Features! We want to combine a fancy, yet functional and intuitive design with fresh-off-the-press and exciting to read articles - alongside powerful tools and a unique environment that you will not find anywhere else. 

Do you like Roleplaying? You'll find a great deal of that right here - just a mouse click away!

How about some memories? Sit back and take a look at the nostalgic, old-school content only to be found on TibiaRoyal!

Royal Features

  • Create your own AVATAR! You can create your very own, unique TibiaRoyal Forum Avatar (even more designs, backgrounds and colours will be coming soon!)

  • Express yourself! A BBCodes system will take your guides to the next level and will make them look professional - everything you need to share your ideas with the community

  • Special Albums to which you can upload your photos, are waiting to be filled with your game experiences!

  • Community Database which can be altered by all users. Have you spotted an error or want to add new information? Go ahead and you will raise your TibiaRoyal Reputation!



We are looking for new players to join the TibiaRoyal Crew. If you're an aspiring writer, a journalist or perhaps you enjoy graphics design... send in your application and you may become...


  • We are searching for someone who can write about the stand-alone Tibia Client, PVP and Rookgaard. We have screenshots and graphics prepared and we need someone who will top it up with great text for the whole community!


  • Do you like writing in general? Is doing researches, creating stories and putting ideas on paper (or keyboard!) your thing? You will have plenty of space on TibiaRoyal to share your work too!


  • If simple pixels are not enough and you really know your way around the tablet, join our Crew as a graphics designer!

What do we offer in return?

At the beginning, as a Starter we need to get to know you. We need to know you can be trusted and are good at what you do, so the first few weeks are a voluntary work. Afterwards, however, you may be chosen to join our Crew as a Full Member and get everything that comes with being part of TibiaRoyal:

  • Access to Private TEST SERVERS

  • PREMIUM TIME - which may sometimes be granted to hard-working Royals by our sponsor (Ezragaming - Official Tibia Reseller)

  • And for those special ones, who are deemed worthy, with consent of CipSoft... our own TibiaRoyal FANSITE ITEM

Have a great time and a Fun-tastic New Year!

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