Winter Update 2018
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Table of Contents
Fansite history
Fansite purpose, reasons and concerns
Current members
Multi language
Future projects

Fansite history

Our journey has begun in 2013 when after closing TibiaBarilioche we saw there are not really an active English fan page. In this moment together with Zathroth, Uman decides to open a new project. We wanted to take an example from Wikis where everyone can edit any page. In this moment we have seen that the system has its flaws as it doesn't really reward a user who contributed his time and knowledge to the page. We have spend days and weeks to figure out optimal system that could overcome this flaws. So the contribution system was started and works still very good. It took time it will optimized the whole process but we have learned a lot during that time about user engagement and possibilities.

Fansite purpose, reasons and concerns

Our propose always was to bring knowledge and full database together with the feeling for user that he is a part of a community. Due the contribution system user can compete with each other and measure their status on wall of fame.



I have start to play Tibia in 2004, at begin I was a big noob, who tried to talk with Hunter not to kill me. Years was passing by and I decided to join TibiaBarilioche as they were looking for a programmer. During that time I have learned a lot and decided to open a special place for English-speaking players. So the idea of Tibia Royal has created in my mind. Together with Zathroth took us quite a while till we finally decided to go public with it and become supported fansite. I am the head of Tibia Royal.


Current members



I am a lively Brazilian girl. I really like Tibia (I met Tibia in 2001), and also to meet and help people. And that's why since 2012 I have devoted some of my free time to voluntarily help in several tibia fansites.

I met Tibia Royal in november/december 2015, as invited by a former staff member. And I fell in love with the project, the team and for the opportunity to help this site to evolve.

I like pirates, but also really like the elves, their lore and history. So I chose Priyla as a nickname: one of the seven Elves' Celestial Paladins of the Elves, daughter of the stars, mystery and magic!

I am responsible for Portuguese Tibia Royal, I also helps general fansite's content and during contests as a sort of Community Manager.


Responsible for Tibia Royal Polska. I do write articles at Tibia Royal.


I take care of contribution most of my time. If you wish to get more knowladge about how to get them or edit our database just send me a PM!

Ree Va

Our beloved graphic designer. He is also responsible for Spanish Tibia Royal.

Drawer, Animator, Movie Maker and passionate Tibian from Santiago, Chile. I've been playing tibia since 2005, my favorite city is Edron and my all time vocation is Paladin. I'd say I'm a roleplay type of player, I love flavoured type of houses, not only good items but a nicely thought decorated house.

See ya in game!


I am a Spanish boy. I do not like Tibia... I LOVE IT! An old friend told me about this game long ago and day after day I realised that Tibia was more than a simple game, it is a way to know people around the world and make new and good friends.

I think I met Tibia Royal in Spring 2015 and I wanted to help the community of Tibia since August 2017, so here am I !

In Tibia world I like achievements, quests and make new friends.

I am responsible for Spanish Tibia Royal. He helps also to with spoilers and database.

Multi language

In 2015 we have decided to spread the whole Tibia Royal into different languages. Ever since we have been building our infrastructure in a way that it is very easy to add new language into it if we wish to. It took us around two years till we had a working system. At begin we have started with Polish, it took as longer as normal as it was the first additional language we have created into the system. After it we have implemented Spanish which went quite faster in. Right now our plans are to expand in future for Portuguese, German, Französisch, Chinesische and Russian.

Future projects

Our next project will be to open Portuguese language for users. We work on a system to load all the items directly from the Tibia Client so we are always up to date with the items and images to them.

In addition to it we work on a special pages which will represent each individual character in unique way.


We have hosted till now three contests. We have learned from it, that best types of events are one where everyone can contribute and try to win. With the most clear written guides and rules. So at the end there is no confusion as a lot of players do not tend to trust fan pages for it.


The best way to contact us is to send us a private message within the system directly. We check our mailboxes on daily basis. You can use this link to send the PM to Uman or E-Mail at


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