Ajude o Tibia Royal e colete pontos de contribuição, 2,000 pontos que você pode trocar por Shield of Destiny no jogo!
Picture Nome Hitpoints Pontos de experiência Loot
Bear 80 23 Meat Ham Bear Paw Honeycomb
Panda 80 23 Ham Meat Bamboo Stick
Polar Bear 85 28 Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Meat Ham Polar Bear Paw
Bloodpaw 100 50 Nada
Undead Cavebear 450 600 Gold Coin Maxilla Cavebear Skull Health Potion
Werebear 2400 2100 Moonlight Crystals Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ham Werebear Fur Werebear Skull Ultimate Health Potion Bear Paw Great Health Potion Small Enchanted Sapphire Honeycomb Furry Club Fur Armor Werewolf Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Berserk Potion Time Ring Spiked Squelcher Relic Sword Werebear Trophy Dreaded Cleaver


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